Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

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Nino Batista is a model photographer in the United States. His work is regularly seen in lifestyle and men's publications the world over, including many international editions of Playboy, FHM, and more.

Here Nino walks you through various shooting scenarios he uses to create his work and how those environments need a different focus when retouching skin.

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Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista
  • Shelby - Frequency Separation

    Episode 1

    Frequency separation comes back into play in this edit using the median filter function with the preset of 8. Nino walks through his method of using frequency separation again, demonstrating for you the how and why of the plugin.

  • Shelby – Liquify

    Episode 2

    Nino uses liquify for corrections and stylistic choices, and done with anatomy/physique kept in mind.

  • Shelby - Eyes And Sharpening

    Episode 3

    Nino jumps into making the eyes pop just a little bit more using levels and a luminosity mask in order to preserve the contrast of the eyes making the windows to the soul a little clearer.

  • Shelby - Adding Noise

    Episode 4

    How do you balance noise with the previous sharpening? These actions can often work against each other, so learning to balance the two to make sure you have the best image is critical. Nino focuses on that balance in this video.

  • Shelby - Secondary Correction

    Episode 5

    What is a secondary correction? Nino will often pause in his workflow after he has done the majority of the heavy skin work to take a second look at all the colors in the frame. Getting certain areas under control will allow the image to take the color grading even better. This is a fine-tuning p...

  • Shelby - Skin Tone

    Episode 6

    The last step was targeting small areas that needed targeted adjustments. In this phase Nino focuses on overall skin tones, bringing the image back into the camera raw filter we see Nino focusing on contrast and color of the skin tones.

  • Shelby - Color Grading

    Episode 7

    Based on gradient map overlays and then various adjustment layers to achieve the muted warm aesthetic that Nino goes for. The difference between selective color and color balance adjustment layers and why it can matter in your grading. How to layer order makes a difference and why you need to ca...

  • Shelby – Finalizing

    Episode 8

    Here Nino is focusing on image “compression” using his custom action, which is included in your downloads section. Using a levels adjustment layer Nino works on the overall final contrast of the image in micro increments and runs his “face focus” action to bring about attention to key elements of...

  • Shelby - Making Your Set Match

    Episode 9

    Since Nino works primarily for publication this phase is a critical element of his process, making the images have a harmonized look to each other. Join Nino in learning how to make various images from a shoot match each other.

  • Conversation with Shelby-

    Episode 10

    Understanding the photographer’s perspective on glamour photography is only half the equation. To gain true insight into the world of glamour photography, we reached out to one of Nino’s main collaborators, Shelby, to help us understand the model's side of the industry.