Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

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Nino Batista is a model photographer in the United States. His work is regularly seen in lifestyle and men's publications the world over, including many international editions of Playboy, FHM, and more.

Here Nino walks you through various shooting scenarios he uses to create his work and how those environments need a different focus when retouching skin.

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Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista
  • Lindsay – Introduction

    Episode 1

    Introduction to the shoot with Lindsay with hard, natural light, outdoors by a pool.

  • Lindsay - RAW Preparation - Correction

    Episode 2

    Nino divides his RAW processing into stages. In this particular clean up, Nino demonstrates how he uses Capture One to prepare three images at once for importing in Photoshop, planning for needing matching sets.

  • Lindsay - Healing - Cleanup

    Episode 3

    When you are focusing on skin work, you have to start with the best skin possible. So where does that begin? Nino talks about his go-to tools in cleaning up skin imperfections, small creases, and minor fly away hairs.

  • Lindsay - Dodge & Burn

    Episode 4

    Again dodge and burn takes a prominent place in Nino’s workflow. Nino will tell you time and time again that dodge and burn is a time-intensive process but like anything else the more you do it the faster it starts to go. In this hard light, high contrast image Nino needs to take a build-up appro...

  • Lindsay - Frequency Separation

    Episode 5

    Starting with merging all the layers, Nino uses his (included) plugin to run a frequency separation on the image. In this case, Nino paints nearly every section of skin, often over “painting” to keep the strokes looking natural and worrying about masking the overspray later. This method needs to...

  • Lindsay - Liquify

    Episode 6

    Nino uses liquify for corrections and stylistic choices, and done with anatomy/physique kept in mind. Common in glamour work is an abdominal crease - Nino shows you his technique for minimizing this issue.

  • Lindsay - Eyes and Sharpening

    Episode 7

    Nino jumps into making the eyes pop just a little bit more using levels and a luminosity mask in order to preserve contrast of the eyes.

  • Lindsay - Adding Noise

    Episode 8

    Nino introduces noise to his image to provide overall harmony to the effects while also using noise to add texture back to the frame. Finding the balance between the previous layers of the edits is critical to your image's final success.

  • Lindsay - Secondary Correction

    Episode 9

    Secondary correction is a moment when Nino pauses to take an objective overview of his image. Getting certain areas under control will allow the image to take the color grading even better. This is a fine-tuning phase. Nino will often use his face focus action here to direct the viewer's attentio...

  • Lindsay - Color Grading

    Episode 10

    Opening with the gradient map and then selective color and color balance adjustment layers to achieve the muted warm aesthetic that Nino goes for. Nino will again explore why layer order matters tremendously in his color grading process.

  • Lindsay - Finalizing

    Episode 11

    Here Nino is focusing on image “compression” using his custom action, which is included in your downloads section. Using a levels adjustment layer, Nino works on the overall final contrast of the image in micro increments.

  • Lindsay - Making Your Set Match

    Episode 12

    Always finishing his final steps of any edit with making sure there is harmony between a set of images - this is a set many photographers do not consider but is critical for those seeking publication. Matching sets will present a cohesive overall story.

  • Conversation with Lindsay

    Episode 13

    Model Lindsay shares her perspective on the Glamour industry, struggles with other people’s thoughts on glamour, and why she finds it empowering. Nino interviews Lindsay to help us understand why women pose for glamour photos.

  • Shelby by the Pool - Introduction

    Episode 14

    Introduction to the shoot with Shelby outdoors by the pool. Unlike the outdoor image with Lindsay in hard light, this shot places Shelby in the shade but adds color reflections from the pool.

  • Shelby by the Pool - The Culling, Selection, and Retouching Plan

    Episode 15

    Nino divides his photos into similar images and looks at all his images as a whole. His synced process helps him narrow his images down to his “hero image”. Your shot selection should never be taken lightly.

  • Shelby By The Pool - Raw Processing

    Episode 16

    Nino starts in Capture One to control highlights, white balance, and shadow recovery. He talks about why Capture One is his choice for a RAW processor. In this particular image, he introduces a small vignette to draw attention to the model. Vignetting is certainly one of those things that, when u...

  • Shelby by the Pool - Healing - Cleanup

    Episode 17

    Working with a pool/water element brings a whole new consideration to the healing phase. In this shot, we have leaves in the pool that need to be considered before normal skin work.

  • Shelby by the Pool - Dodge & Burn

    Episode 18

    Dodge and burn is so integral to the skin retouching process. This time-intensive process helps minimize skin imperfections and balance transitions from light to dark in your images. The easy way to think about this is helping pixels match the images that are near them.

  • Shelby by the Pool - Frequency Separation

    Episode 19

    Dodge and burn are done, but we have several color options in this image that will come into play in this phase. We will need to take care of that color cast on the leg from the pool water. Mixed with the work we just did on the hand in dodge and burn, we have a few unique challenges to address. ...

  • Shelby by the Pool - Liquify

    Episode 20

    Nino uses liquify for corrections and stylistic choices, and done with anatomy/physique kept in mind.

  • Shelby by the Pool - Secondary Correction

    Episode 21

    In this secondary correction, we have a very large fix to address. This one is less fine-tuning and more addressing a large color problem. Doing color work of this degree will require repainting of the colors.

  • Shelby by the Pool - Adding Noise and Sharpening

    Episode 22

    Nino uses sharpening and noise here to adjust the overall texture of the image to bring the image into a unified state. A high pass sharpening and noise action balanced with each other achieves this.

  • Shelby by the Pool - Color Grading

    Episode 23

    Based on gradient map overlays and then various adjustment layers to achieve the muted warm aesthetic, this is Nino’s favorite part. This is where Nino is getting creative vs fixing parts of the image.

  • Shelby by the Pool - Finalizing

    Episode 24

    While doing the finalization Nino is looking at the overall intent of his image. Has he achieved his intent? There is not a “typical” process here. This is the final look to make sure the image remains polished.