Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

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Nino Batista is a model photographer in the United States. His work is regularly seen in lifestyle and men's publications the world over, including many international editions of Playboy, FHM, and more.

Here Nino walks you through various shooting scenarios he uses to create his work and how those environments need a different focus when retouching skin.

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Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista
  • Sarah – Introduction

    Episode 1

    Each shoot has a story. Nino is known for shooting outdoors but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take things into the studio. For this shoot, Nino was working for Playboy New Zealand. How will the workflow change with this shooting environment?

  • Sarah - Retouching Plan

    Episode 2

    Culling and shot selection are super important to Nino but in this situation, that selection is premade. Working for publications and others often give them the lion's share of the decision making. So here Nino talks about what needs to be done on the image selected.

  • Sarah - RAW Preparation - Correction

    Episode 3

    Working in Capture One to get his RAW image ready for Photoshop exporting, Nino works on white balance, exposure, highlight and shadow recovery, and skin tone uniformity.

  • Sarah - Healing - Cleanup

    Episode 4

    With the image imported into Photoshop Nino tackles skin cleanup right off the bat. Starting with a spot healing tool.

  • Sarah - Dodge & Burn

    Episode 5

    Dodging and burning helps minimize the effects of depth in various skin textures. Focusing on these micro effects helps polish the overall image without reshaping the image completely or losing textures. Toward the end of the clip, you will see Nino use dodge and burn uniquely.

  • Sarah - Frequency Separation

    Episode 6

    Nino’s frequency separation techniques can often give you pause. Watching it fully develop is key. Nino has a unique ability to know where he is going instead of thinking about what is right in front of him at the moment.

  • Sarah - Liquify

    Episode 7

    Nino uses liquify for corrections and stylistic choices, and done with anatomy/physique kept in mind. Nino takes Sarah’s comments to heart to make sure she gets the images she requested.

  • Sarah - Adding Noise And Sharpening

    Episode 8

    Learning to use Nino’s included actions to add textures and noise to your images. Again here we seek to find a balance between two texture enhancing techniques.

  • Sarah - Secondary Correction

    Episode 9

    Thinking about highlights, mids, shadows when considering how your color grade will be applied on top of this image, we start doing secondary corrections to balance the reds and yellows in her skin.

  • Sarah - Color Grading

    Episode 10

    This is a major magazine cover, so the color grading on this one can’t be over the top, too heavy, or overly artistic. Nino considers this as he decides how to color grade this image.

  • Sarah - Finalizing

    Episode 11

    Polishing off the image is key to getting that high contrast imagery that Nino craves while paying attention to this being a major publication’s cover and staying true to their brand.

  • Conversation with Shannon Dougherty

    Episode 12

    Nino talks with Shannon Doughtery to gain a woman's insight on sexuality, glamour, and men in the industry.