Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

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Nino Batista is a model photographer in the United States. His work is regularly seen in lifestyle and men's publications the world over, including many international editions of Playboy, FHM, and more.

Here Nino walks you through various shooting scenarios he uses to create his work and how those environments need a different focus when retouching skin.

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Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista
  • Briana – Introduction

    Episode 1

    All the work we have done so far has been on color images but does it work in black and white? PRO EDU challenged Nino to show us his black and white workflow, and he did not disappoint.

  • Briana - Retouching Plan

    Episode 2

    With a shot selected we jump right into making a retouching plan for the image of Briana.

  • Briana - Raw Preparation – Correction

    Episode 3

    RAW preparation is completely different when it comes to black and white. We start the edit by enabling the black and white filter in Capture One. Nino focuses on creating a high contrast image here, knowing that there will be contrast brought down during his Photoshop process.

  • Briana - Healing - Cleanup

    Episode 4

    Part of the cleanup here is helping the backdrop look perfect as well. Looking at the overall image is critical to Nino.

  • Briana - Dodge & Burn

    Episode 5

  • Briana – Liquify

    Episode 6

    Nino uses liquify for corrections and stylistic choices, and done with anatomy/physique kept in mind.

  • Briana - Adding Noise And Sharpening

    Episode 7

    With color gone, we have the ability to push sharpening and noise a little further. Nino explains how he does this and what the impact is on the image.

  • Briana – Finalizing

    Episode 8

    The gradient map comes in this time to add contrast. Compressing the image with the included action balances the heavy gradient demonstrating again how layers interact with each other to find the perfect balance.