Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0

Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0

7 Seasons

You have been retouching the wrong way this whole time. While this is a bold statement, Earth Oliver backs it up by showing you a revolutionary process to retouch any surface. Earth is a cutting edge retoucher who has spent his career fixing every type of image imaginable. By developing Frequency Separation 2.0, Earth has found an unbreakable method to fix every pixel-based problem while saving time and increasing profitability. This will forever change the way you work.

Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0
  • Recreating Surfaces-Tablet

    Episode 1

    Take the firm foundation and workflow of Frequency Separation 2.0 and apply it in an entirely different context. Learn the power and flexibility of a median based workflow, tackling a hard surface, highly reflective tablet. Paint away dust, smudging, and distracting reflections on the tablet devi...

  • Coffee Maker: High Median Workflow

    Episode 2

    See the dynamic strength and flexibility of Frequency Separation 2.0, as you tackle a new image - an espresso maker. Using one technique, tackle multiple problems across multiple surfaces with minimal struggle in the retouching process. Follow high end retoucher, Earth Oliver, as he uses the powe...

  • Coffee Maker: Low Median Workflow

    Episode 3

    Using the power of Photoshop's native tool, the mixer brush, apply a low median based workflow to the espresso maker image. Move across various targets in the image to reshape light, shadow, and color, with no artifacts or degradation in quality. Learn how to dial brush, flow, and overall paintin...

  • Reshaping Light-Smoothie

    Episode 4

    In this exercise, the smoothie cup, learn to reshape light and reflection on a surface that contains a lot of obstacles. Learn to literally separate reflections from plastic, condensation, and smoothie texture, without destroying the integrity of the image. Wipe away modifier reflections to see t...

  • Smoothie: High-Low Separation

    Episode 5

    Apply the median based workflow to the smoothie cup example image. Use the power of Photoshop's mixer brush to paint away reflections, extracting details with intention. Control light, color, tone, all while maintaining the quality and integrity of the image data.