Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund

Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund

17 Seasons

Go on-location with Tony Roslund to photograph multiple rooms in a beautiful, large Microsoft office space designed by HOK Architects. Learn his entire process to find angles, utilize natural light, light with strobes, and shoot building exteriors and interiors. These tips will help you market yourself as a professional photographer shooting hospitality, restaurants, workspaces, interior, exterior, colleges, retail, time lapse, and more. At the end of the tutorial, you'll be able to hold effective meetings with building architects, maximize your time on set, and pare down your gear to just the essentials that fit in one backpack. Not only that, he'll teach you how the cost sharing price model works so you can implement it in your professional photography business.

Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund
  • Orange Room-Compositing

    Episode 1

    Watch as Barry quickly builds the composite for a the Orange Room - with complex angles, color casts, and reflections. Composite multiple background subjects balance story and interest with the architects desire for motion.

  • Orange Room-Final Color

    Episode 2

    Create balance and depth in blending the exposures by continuing to control color contamination.

  • Orange Room-Cleanup

    Episode 3

    Retouch glass reflections, wall fixtures, floor blemishes, and other distraction to create a more focused image. Prepare and organize multiple layers for Tony’s final retouch.

  • Orange Room-Tony's Pass

    Episode 4

    As in previous rooms, watch as Tony critiques Barry’s work, moving the composite from 80% complete to the final image. Balance global and targeted color, with tweaks to control color contamination, warming skin tone, and specifically targeting a challenging wallpaper pattern. Utilize a 3rd party ...