Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund

Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund

17 Seasons

Go on-location with Tony Roslund to photograph multiple rooms in a beautiful, large Microsoft office space designed by HOK Architects. Learn his entire process to find angles, utilize natural light, light with strobes, and shoot building exteriors and interiors. These tips will help you market yourself as a professional photographer shooting hospitality, restaurants, workspaces, interior, exterior, colleges, retail, time lapse, and more. At the end of the tutorial, you'll be able to hold effective meetings with building architects, maximize your time on set, and pare down your gear to just the essentials that fit in one backpack. Not only that, he'll teach you how the cost sharing price model works so you can implement it in your professional photography business.

Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund
  • Main Lobby-Setup

    Episode 1

    With one space captured, move on to a brighter, more complex lobby space. Begin to navigate the complexity of multiple lighting sources and people moving through the scene. Analyze the various challenges and characteristics of the space to create a plan for the final composition.

  • Main Lobby-Exposure Bracketing

    Episode 2

    Create a base exposure, then Isolate different areas of the composition and capture multiple exposures to be composited later in post. Adjust some staging to create uniformity and symmetry. Manipulate the environment and use a polarizer to control lighting. Learn how to read the lighting scenario...

  • Main Lobby-Background Subjects

    Episode 3

    Learn how to capture planned and unplanned background subjects, providing options for compositing later in retouching.