Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

8 Seasons

Properly retouching skin, beauty and portrait images has always posed challenges for retouchers and photographers. Pratik Naik will share his analytical approach and advanced Photoshop knowledge to give you an effective workflow for retouching skin, beauty and portrait images.

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik
  • Industry Expectations

    Episode 1

    In this section, explore the retouching process for lifestyle images. Examine the difference in lighting style and the importance of color and environment in creating this style of photography. Analyze the story elements that create the tone, mood, and aesthetic identifying production elements th...

  • RAW Processing

    Episode 2

    With an established style and industry expectations for lifestyle, us an example image to begin RAW processing within Capture One. Leverage some of Capture One's retouching capabilities to create an iconic aesthetic with golden tone.

  • Initial Clean Up

    Episode 3

    Move quickly and efficiently, continuing to build on your experience across genres to create beautiful portrait imagery. For this lifestyle portrait, use the power of Photoshop and repetition to create beautiful skin sone with a natural aesthetic. Fly through skin cleanup, removing blemishes with...

  • Dodge and Burn and Frequency Separation

    Episode 4

    Leverage the power of actions to quickly create smooth, textured skin maintaining natural dimension and tone. Utilize the Dodge and Burn and Noise actions, refining their results with retoucher Patrik Naik. Identify problem areas and focus on specific facial features to build and maintain dimensi...

  • Sharpening and Color Toning

    Episode 5

    Finish your lifestyle portrait retouch with the final layer of sharpening and color toning in Photoshop. Implement the power of Photoshop's gradient maps and channel mixer for stylized color editing and finishing.