Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

8 Seasons

Properly retouching skin, beauty and portrait images has always posed challenges for retouchers and photographers. Pratik Naik will share his analytical approach and advanced Photoshop knowledge to give you an effective workflow for retouching skin, beauty and portrait images.

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik
  • Industry Expectations

    Episode 1

    In this section, focus on the final genre of study with Beauty Portraits. Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, as he relays his industry experience in retouching for beauty. Compare and contrast this genre against the others, focusing on the fantastic, rather than lifestyle. The product rather than the...

  • Evening Skin Tone

    Episode 2

    With beauty portrait imagery, skin quality is non-negotiable. In this first section analyze color tone, texture, shifts, distractions, blemishes via Capture One. Focus on creating the most balanced base and depth for retouching. Before moving the RAW data capture into Photoshop, use Capture One's...

  • Fixing Hair

    Episode 3

    Transition from Capture One and RAW processing to the advanced retouching section for beauty portraits. In this module, remove your inhibition and tackle one of the most complex elements of any image - hair. Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, as he demystifies the process of eliminating flyways, mana...

  • Analyzing the Image

    Episode 4

    With industry expectations established and a tool kit to approach the most challenging hair scenarios, switch into retouching a beauty image from start to finish. Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, by building a comprehensive plan for skin and makeup. Build a methodology to produce industry leading r...

  • RAW Processing

    Episode 5

    Use Capture One to create a balanced RAW base layer for the highest quality image possible. Examine what to refine at this stage of the process by creating a wide dynamic range image for Photoshop retouching. Define what manipulations are most effective and then prepare the image for Photoshop.

  • Initial Cleanup

    Episode 6

    With a plan, processed image, and expectations, move into retouching for a Beauty Portrait. Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, learning keyboard shortcuts and best practices to quickly and effectively retouch skin. Use the healing brush and clone stamp tool, work methodically and with precision to cr...

  • Dodge and Burn

    Episode 7

    With the skin cleanup complete, transition to creating fantastic, even skin tone. Leverage the power of actions while understanding the helper layers, to create textured and dream like aesthetic. With the macro level details covered, focus on how to control the micro level details, in an industry...

  • Frequency Separation

    Episode 8

    Examine the pros and cons of using frequency separation in your skin retouching workflow. Run the action, examine the results across three different processes. Define the limitations and effects on texture, anatomy and overall tone. Develop an approach to retain dimension, color, texture and beau...

  • Fixing Skin Color and Color Toning

    Episode 9

    Skin for beauty portraits requires time and patience with attention to detail. Having completed the initial cleanup and multiple passes to create even tone, texture, and overall dimension, shift your focus to color. Work in a corrective process that then shifts to a creative tonal process. Follow...