Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

8 Seasons

Properly retouching skin, beauty and portrait images has always posed challenges for retouchers and photographers. Pratik Naik will share his analytical approach and advanced Photoshop knowledge to give you an effective workflow for retouching skin, beauty and portrait images.

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik
  • Intro to Beauty Image 2

    Episode 1

    For this final section of the tutorial series, focus on common problem areas within retouching portrait images. In this example, tackle a variety of common issues to add more techniques to your workflow. From unwanted sideburns, to hotspots, to drastic skin blemishes - tackle them all with confid...

  • Hot Spots

    Episode 2

    In this section, learn how to control and eliminate frustrating hot spots in skin tone. Look at a couple of methods that are typically applied in this scenario and evaluate their effectiveness. Leverage the power of Frequency Separation to eliminate the toughest hot spots in skin texture, while m...

  • Blotchy Skin

    Episode 3

    For additional technique, examine an image with a subject that has more uneven skin tone. Explore the healing brush, Frequency Separation, and dodge and burn methods for creating a more even tonal surface. Compare and contrast the methods and hone your skills to balance the proper techniques for ...

  • Peach Fuzz-Easy

    Episode 4

    With firm techniques established for hot spots and blotchy skin tone, develop an approach for eliminating unwanted "peach fuzz" or hair follicles in a beauty retouching workflow. Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, as he first demonstrates an easy method. Using a combination of healing, clone stamp, a...

  • Peach Fuzz-Hard

    Episode 5

    For this section, focus on more complex hair distractions that conflict with skin tone. Using the healing brush, noise and a methodical approach to dodge and burn, retouch complex hair away with intent and confidence.

  • Arm Hair

    Episode 6

    Transition from peach fuzz to arm hair, focusing on complete removal of the element from your image. Develop a process, using Photoshop’s healing brush and dodge and burn capabilities to create smooth, soft skin tone.

  • Forehead Hair

    Episode 7

    As you work across the subjects face, examine a new surface - focusing on the hairline. Explore how to deconstruct the boundary with the healing brush, establishing a new, cleaner boundary. Learn to paint new natural hair while preserving skin texture and tone as you retouch forehead hair in an e...

  • Eyebrow Hair

    Episode 8

    In beauty, there are so many critical details. Eyebrows are no exception. In this part of the series, follow retoucher Patrik Naik, as he examines best practices for achieve form and shape, while learning to exercise restraint in your retouching. With tools you have grown familiar with, focus on ...

  • Flyaways

    Episode 9

    In this section, focus on eliminating hair flyaways with a clone stamp and masking methodology. Learn to quickly and efficiently contain distracting and disorganized hair for high end, industry leading results for your beauty and fashion portraiture.

  • Armpits-Closed

    Episode 10

    For this example, build on a variety of techniques covered in previous sections to tackle a challenging area in portrait photography - the armpit. Use a combination of Photoshop's healing brush, clone stamp tool, and dodge and burn to create aesthetically pleasing subjects, while minimizing distr...

  • Armpits-Open

    Episode 11

    Build on the previous example by tackling an open armpit on a subject. Dive into a free form exercise exploring how to create natural, textured skin tone, while hiding open armpit hair distractions in your image. Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, as he iterates through a series of techniques using t...

  • Blotchy Shadows

    Episode 12

    For this example, learn to control color shifts in the transition from shadows to highlights. Combine the power of dodge and burn with frequency separation to create smooth, even transitions within the dynamic range of your imagery.

  • Nails
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    In this technique, focus on creating smooth, beautiful fingernails, with high finish texture, clean transitions with skin, and a detailed specularity for layered detail. Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, as he clones, brushes, and finesses this detailed and subtle nuance of a beauty portrait image.

  • Eyes and Eyelashes

    Episode 14

    Building off of previous lessons, dive deeper into retouching eyes and eyelashes for beauty portraits. Learn to paint subtle, natural and realistic eyelashes to enhance their volume and texture. Create depth, sharpness and enhance dimension to amplify the character and emotional story in your sub...

  • Contouring

    Episode 15

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Beauty and Portrait Retouching series with retoucher, Patrik Naik. For this final example image, focus on building contour to create a dynamic, dimensional subject. We encourage you to continue creating and sharing your work and progress within...