Business & Pricing Tutorials

  • Pocket Portfolio | Free Portfolio For PRO PLAN Members

    5 seasons

    Pocket Portfolio is now FREE for all PRO PLAN members, which means you can activate your membership to get a free portfolio, client gallery, and file delivery platform. Download the attachments here and follow the instructions to activate your free PRO PLAN account at Pocket Portfolio. Check out ...

  • Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

    7 seasons

    Luxe Portraiture is all about building a business on the foundation of customer experience. Jai Mayhew shares the knowledge that has allowed her to build a six-figure portrait business, booked months in advance, which markets itself. Using her background in fashion photography Jai creates unique ...

  • Introduction To Working With A Photographer's Rep | Agency 101

    9 items

    In this 10 part series we dissect the relationships and dynamics of a photographer's rep, pricing, business, the do's, the don'ts, and everything in between. Brought to you by PRO EDU and joined with the founder and executive producer of Wonderful Machine, Bill Cramer and Craig Oppenheimer.

  • Marketing Your Photography Business | Website Optimization & Strategy

    5 seasons

    Do you find it hard to make time for digital marketing between shooting and editing? Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to writing about yourself or your brand? Do you have a clear strategy for your website and your social media calendar?

    As photographers and retouchers, we're in a crowd...

  • Pinterest For Photographers

    8 seasons

    Pinterest is a discovery platform, made for creatives. With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is a popular destination that connect a wide array of active buyers and sellers together. This social media platform that could very well be your secret marketing engine this year because 90% of ...

  • Pricing For Profits

    2 seasons

    Establishing a full-time career as a photographer means you have to make money with your business. Making a living with photography requires more than great images. It takes the knowledge and understanding of how to manage and sustain a profitable business. Luckily for you, we are committed to r...

  • Rep Relationships In Commercial Photography

    1 season

    Welcome to a look at working with reps, producers, and understanding the world of commercial photography. We sit down with the leaders at Wonderful Machine to discuss the relationship and world of commercial photography, working with a rep, finding the right producer, and what it is like to produ...

  • Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund

    17 seasons

    Go on-location with Tony Roslund to photograph multiple rooms in a beautiful, large Microsoft office space designed by HOK Architects. Learn his entire process to find angles, utilize natural light, light with strobes, and shoot building exteriors and interiors. These tips will help you market yo...

  • The Business Of Retouching

    4 seasons

    There is greater demand for retouchers now more than ever, yet the lack of business and pricing information leaves many photographers and retouchers unsure of how to price for retouching, how to estimate and bid on commercial jobs, and how to communicate with clients and ask the right questions. ...

  • Pricing & Cost Sharing

    Receive inside information to give you an edge in pricing yourself within the market of Commercial Architecture Photography. From the number of images to capture on a production, to pricing your day rate, to innovating ways to maximize your profitably regardless of the client’s size or budget.

  • How Do Fashion Photographers Determine Their Pricing?

    Model Testing is an opportunity for a photographer and model to build their portfolios together. It is foundational to nearly every career in beauty and fashion photography. Working with professional models and modeling agencies can be an intimidating step for many photographers, but by understan...

  • Stephanie Cotta Business Interview