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Setting Up Your Workspace In Lightroom

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Welcome to the Tutorial - Meet Justin Lister

Episode 1 • 4m 34s

Up Next in The Basic Tools In Lightroom - Overview

  • Setting Up Your Workspace In Lightroom

    Every new venture begins with a good foundation, and this is no different. Justin starts this tutorial by showing you how he lays out his Lightroom workspace. Once you have your workspace set, you will likely not change it again, so make sure you hear why he chooses this layout.

  • Organizing The Workspace In Lightroom

    Justin talks about how he rates images, organizes his workflow, creates virtual copies, and in general, just keeps his workspace working for him.

  • What Are Lens Corrections Profiles

    Justin explains what the lens correction function in Adobe Lightroom is, where it is located, and how you can use it to correct common lens errors as well as how to make artistic lens choices using the function.