Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Up Next in Gelled Edge

  • Adding Key Lights

    After establishing clean, gelled edge lighting, setup the third and final light for this setup - the key light. With a complimentary gel, setup the key light, leveraging the advantage of a right angle knuckle bracket for unobscured shooting. Iterate through a series of shots, to examine the reaso...

  • Posing

    After working through the lighting setup for creating the gelled edge, focus on posing for this style. With a wardrobe change, learn how posing the model's body, makeup, and wardrobes pieces can accentuate the power of gelled edge lighting.

  • Lightroom Culling

    With some favorites selected, hear photographer Jake Hicks, approach in selecting the best images from a series in the gelled edge style. With a three quarter length shot, examine what Jake is looking for in the model's pose in relationship to the lights. Look for dimensional, contoured images, w...