Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks

Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks

7 Seasons

Color has never been more important to the story of an image. Famed UK photographer, Jake Hicks walks you through his signature style using color gels to create vibrant and life-filled images that grab a hold of every viewer. Jake takes you from understanding the basics of bringing color to your subjects to creating complex color schematics with a dynamic impact.

Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks
  • Introducing the Look

    Episode 1

    Advance to the most complex look yet - the gelled key and fill. Listen as photographer, Jake Hicks, describes the fundamentals of achieving this look. Using 3 distinct gels for this setup, approach the background, key and fill with clear separation, avoiding color contamination. Use a triadic col...

  • Background

    Episode 2

    In this lighting setup, begin with using a gelled light setup on the background. Observer photographer, Jake Hicks, as he describes a sequenced methodology to his lighting setup, to eliminate color contamination in a gelled environment. Iterate through a series of text exposures to avoid unwanted...

  • Key Light

    Episode 3

    With the background lighting set, add the model and key light to continue building the gelled key and fill setup. Test through a series of exposures examining what a key light (without a gel) does to the model and environment. Observe as photographer, Jake Hicks, captures a variety of exposures, ...

  • Fill Light

    Episode 4

    Building step by step, add the third and final light to the gelled key and fill look. In this scenario, the background, key, and fill light are all colored gel lights. With the addition of the fill, work to mirror the lighting of the key, using a small silver umbrella. Learn to balance the fill l...

  • Wardrobe Change I

    Episode 5

    With multiple images captured, transition to a new wardrobe and work to hone pose and story within the color gel key and fill lighting setup. Watch as photographer, Jake Hicks, teaches how to troubleshoot unwanted halos appearing around the model. Continue to iterate through multiple captures cre...

  • Wardrobe Change II

    Episode 6

    In this section, work with an entirely new wardrobe and gels to create a whole new key and fill look. Use a new triadic color scheme with three primary colors. Continue to apply all of the principles and practice gained through the method of colored gel photography. Push post and composition to c...

  • Lightroom Culling

    Episode 7

    With the photo shoot wrapped, move into the culling and retouching phase for gelled key and fill lighting. Using Lightroom, cull through a series of captures with photographer, Jake Hicks, to find the top images for retouching. Learn to assess the details with Jake, analyzing pose, color contouri...

  • Lightroom Colors

    Episode 8

    With the top selects chosen, use the power of Lightroom for processing RAW data. Explore some presets that photographer, Jake Hicks, has developed through years of experience in colored gel photography. Learn to build presets within the develop module to build your own library. Manipulate color w...

  • Skin Retouch

    Episode 9

    Begin retouching one of two hero images. Follow photographer, Jake Hicks, as he targets his process of skin retouching to local blemishes and spots. Hear best practices when using Photoshop's patch tool for this kind of detailed work. Learn the importance of building a solid base with this time c...

  • Black and White Toning

    Episode 10

    After the first pass of skin retouching with a targeted, localized approach - begin another broader pass at the skin with black and white toning. Using soft layers, soft light, multiply, curves, hue saturation, paint brush and masking, learn to paint masks that create balanced, even skin tone wit...

  • Skin Smoothing

    Episode 11

    With each retouching pass, work to create powerful aesthetic and vibrance. Follow photographer, Jake Hicks, as he methodically applies skin smoothing to the gelled key and fill image. Create a mathematical approach, employing gaussian blur, High Pass filtering, Linear Light blending, to create na...

  • Dodge and Burn

    Episode 12

    In direct contrast to black and white skin toning, where the goal is to create a smooth and even under tone, learn an extremely nuanced approach to dodge and burn skin. Understand how to create shape, contour and dimension, by accentuating the highlights and shadows of the image. Focus on a key f...

  • Darkening and Sharpening

    Episode 13

    With the darkening and sharpening pass, apply a broader more global enhancement to the skin retouch. Create global contrast and a sharpening to the image using layering, high pass blending, and opacity adjustments. With each pass, move closer to finishing touches for the gelled key and fill look.

  • Color Toning

    Episode 14

    For the final stage of retouching, push the image onto another level. After multiple passes that removed local blemishes and distractions, more global even skin tone, smooth but natural skin texture, dimension and depth, contrast and sharpening, finally apply the finishing layer of color toning. ...

  • Image 2 Full Edit

    Episode 15

    Move through an uninterrupted edit of the second gelled key and fill hero image. Use a layered and staged approach to retouch blemishes, create beautiful, glowing skin tone, natural skin texture for a dynamic and dimensional image. Create a powerful and vibrant image through enhancing the colors ...