Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks

Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks

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Color has never been more important to the story of an image. Famed UK photographer, Jake Hicks walks you through his signature style using color gels to create vibrant and life-filled images that grab a hold of every viewer. Jake takes you from understanding the basics of bringing color to your subjects to creating complex color schematics with a dynamic impact.

Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks
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    Episode 1

    Congratulations! Thank you for working through this course on colored gel photography. We believe that with this knowledge and experience, you will be able to enter the styling and approach of colored gel photography, with everything needed to be successful. We echo the sentiment of our friend, p...

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    Episode 2

    Get a behind the scenes look at photographer, Jake Hicks. Hear about his introduction to photography, education, practice, and development as a professional. Listen to his approach and ongoing pursuit of knowledge, his success, and facing real career ups and downs. Gain inspiration and insight as...