A preview into the projects we are currently working on with artists, photographers, and retouchers.

  • The Complete Build - Air Dusty CGI Commercial Shoe Tutorial

    3 seasons

    The Complete Builds are a series of projects related to CGI where you get the opportunity to follow along with Maxon Master Trainer, Dustin Valkema, as he moves through real-world projects. In this episode, Dustin tackles doing a new colorway on a classic shoe, developing both a white sweep, eCom...

  • Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

    7 seasons

    Luxe Portraiture is all about building a business on the foundation of customer experience. Jai Mayhew shares the knowledge that has allowed her to build a six-figure portrait business, booked months in advance, which markets itself. Using her background in fashion photography Jai creates unique ...

  • Welcome To Luxe Portraiture

    What is Luxury Portraiture? How do you make a portrait more of an experience? Welcome to Luxe Portraiture - where service to the client meets the artistry of photography. Welcome to Jai Mayhew’s portrait business. Hear how Jai’s past clients refer to her service and how service makes all the diff...

  • Introduction To Working With A Photographer's Rep | Agency 101

    9 videos

    In this 10 part series we dissect the relationships and dynamics of a photographer's rep, pricing, business, the do's, the don'ts, and everything in between. Brought to you by PRO EDU and joined with the founder and executive producer of Wonderful Machine, Bill Cramer and Craig Oppenheimer.

  • Advanced Skin Workflow with Nino Batista

    8 seasons

    Nino Batista is a model photographer in the United States. His work is regularly seen in lifestyle and men's publications the world over, including many international editions of Playboy, FHM, and more.

    Here Nino walks you through various shooting scenarios he uses to create his work and how th...

  • Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

    15 seasons

    Dustin welcomes you to the world of 3D by introducing you to Cinema 4D by Maxon. Walking through the program's interfaces, functions, basic uses, and quick tips, Dustin will have you on your way to understanding the vast 3D experience that awaits you.

  • The Complete Product Build - Mouse

    4 seasons

    Diving into the world of CGI geared toward those in the product photography field, Dustin builds a mouse from the model, to render, to lighting, to post-production. Here we get to see the power of CGI used to represent a real object in the marketing space.

  • The Complete Build - Oscars Photo Studio

    4 seasons

    Join Dustin as he walks you through the building out, adding materials to, lighting, and using the Oscars inspired studio room.

  • Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom

    10 seasons

    Cinematic Color Grading for Adobe Lightroom focuses and highlights Justin Lister's Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom workflow in creating his composites, fine art, and editorial portrait style shoots. Justin's workflow with Lightroom color grading enables users to quickly build color grades using LUT...

  • How I Made This

    2 seasons

    Dive into the world of creatives with this retouching series designed to give you full access to how artists edit 1 image. With a new episode weekly and many providing you with PSD's or assets when available you will learn first hand how these files are made.