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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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  • Step 2-Light Direction

    With an understanding of how to identify the source of light within an image, focus on how to isolate its subsequent direction. Learn to evaluate bounce light, shadows, highlights, and reflections across a series of landscape and interior backplates. Understand the relationship of subject and env...

  • Step 3-Light Quality

    For the third step of studying light for a compositing workflow, learn to analyze lighting quality. Using Photoshop, follow retoucher Renee Robyn, as she reverse engineers and diagrams lighting setups across a series of backplate scenarios. Learn to evaluate what lighting gear and modifiers would...

  • Step 4-Light Temperature

    In this stage of lighting study, focus on light temperature. Learn how to evaluate more backplate examples in Photoshop, to determine what lighting and modifiers will enable you to capture cohesive color temperature in camera. Explore the usage of CTO gel and white balance manipulation when light...