Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn

Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn

5 Seasons

Photographers often struggle to blend subjects into backplates shot at separate times with different variables. Renee Robyn teaches how to read, understand, and recreate lighting in backplate images, so you can properly capture a subject in the studio. Renee then demonstrates her post-production magic to blend studio and location captures into a seamless and impactful story-driven image.

Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn
  • Lighting Checklist

    Episode 1

    With a grasp of compositing workflow, begin a new project using a dramatic cathedral image photographed in France by photographer, Renee Robyn. Follow the procedural method of Renee's lighting checklist to create a compelling, realist, and accurate final composite image.

  • Lighting Setup

    Episode 2

    With a solid plan in for the cathedral backplate, go on set and in studio with photographer, Renee Robyn as she captures a subject element for a dramatic composite. Iterate through a series of capture, modifying lighting, considering styling, evaluating shadows and highlights. Build up an intelli...

  • Shoot-Part One

    Episode 3

    Begin shooting the model, evaluating pose, perspective, and story as you iterate through exposures for the perfect subject composite element. Follow photographer, Renee Robyn as she evaluates perspective, lens selection, shooting with purpose and intention. Learn to analyze each image capture and...

  • Shoot - Part Two

    Episode 4

    For this shoot, light and compose for a different backplate option. With the same wardrobe and subject, learn to adapt your lighting and posing for a different compositing scenario. Using the lighting checklist, dynamically adjust your setup for your set and create another option for compositing.

  • Retouching-Image 1

    Episode 5

    With the cathedral shoot complete, transition into Photoshop for the compositing phase of the Cathedral image. Follow retoucher, Renee Robyn, as she guides you through an overview of the compositing and retouching process for this dramatic, rich image. Combine the subject with the backplate, focu...

  • Retouching-Image 2

    Episode 6

    Using a different backplate for the cathedral shoot, composite another perspective and story for this theme. Build on your ability to shape light, environment and compositing capabilities. Paint shadows and sculpt light for realistic, beautiful composite imagery using Photoshop.

  • Retouching-Image 3

    Episode 7

    For this final retouching example, composite an exterior cathedral image. Follow retoucher, Renee Robyn, as she walks through a high level look at her process at an accelerated pace.