Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn

Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn

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Photographers often struggle to blend subjects into backplates shot at separate times with different variables. Renee Robyn teaches how to read, understand, and recreate lighting in backplate images, so you can properly capture a subject in the studio. Renee then demonstrates her post-production magic to blend studio and location captures into a seamless and impactful story-driven image.

Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn
  • Lighting Checklist

    Episode 1

    In this final example for Composite Workflow, learn to build a dynamic action shot from planning, production to post. Follow photographer and retoucher, Renee Robyn, as she concepts, shoots, and composites a paratrooper action image. In this section, follow the procedural method, implementing the...

  • Pose 1

    Episode 2

    To build a realistic pose of a paratrooper jumping out of a plane, learn to evaluate your subject's body position, sense of gravity, and perspective. Follow photographer, Renee Robyn, as she builds up effective lighting, iterating through multiple captures to create a dynamic and realistic subjec...

  • Pose 2

    Episode 3

    For this second pose, learn how to evaluate perspective, scale, and dynamic motion to create a stage in the story of paratroopers. Put the subject in motion, using cable suspension. Develop a process for creating a sense of flight and direction. Watch as photographer Renee Robyn leverages the use...

  • Pose 3

    Episode 4

    For the third and final pose, in the paratrooper shoot series, create the final component of subject in flight. Complete the story arc and visual narrative by adjusting lighting for environment and cables for angle and movement. Learn to accurate create a sense of scale, perspective and motion to...

  • Retouching

    Episode 5

    Congratulations! You've completed the Composite Workflow with Renee Robyn series. For this final section of your training, put all of the pieces together - literally. Composite the 3 paratrooper poses into an incredibly dynamic, action composite. We encourage you to share your progress with the c...