Essential Time Lapse How To Videos

Essential Time Lapse How To Videos

Time-Lapse Photography is a technique used to compile a large collection of still images into individual frames of a video. When sequenced effectively, the video gives the appearance of time passing faster than reality, thus lapsing time. Breathtaking time-lapses are often seen in television and movies, and while they may appear complicated, they’re not impossible to create.

In this tutorial, renowned time-lapse photographer, Drew Geraci, covers everything you need to start creating incredible time-lapses of your own. Travel with Drew to 4 unique locations while he shares his knowledge and expertise to help you become a better time-lapse photographer.

You’ll learn about:
✔️ Essential Gear & Accessories
✔️ Location Scouting for Time-Lapse
✔️ Composition Selection
✔️ Detailed Camera Settings & Functions
✔️ Exporting & Processing Workflow
✔️ Editing & Post-Production
✔️ Building A Business with Time-Lapses

Drew will walk you through step by step how to compose, capture and edit each image to create interesting time-lapses that are beautiful and masterful to watch. Discover comprehensive techniques for an evening time-lapse, rooftop time-lapse, day to night composite, live action composite and motion control composite. When you understand tips like reducing flicker, you'll instantly take your time-lapses from amateur to professional.

Learn how to create visually dynamic time-lapses: compose, capture and edit with Drew Geraci's Time-Lapse Photography.

This 2.5 hour intermediate tutorial uses the software: Lightroom, After Effects, and LRTimelapse.

Essential Time Lapse How To Videos
  • Frame Removal & Blending

    Learn how to remove unwanted artifacts from your time-lapse frames, using the compositing power of Adobe After Effects. Follow photographer, Drew Geraci, as he uses the pen to mask and replace distractions within the frame for a seamless, day to night time-lapse. Learn how to utilize time stretch...

  • Frame Matching

    There are always challenges with any set or location. Learn how to correct unwanted distractions within post-production. In this section, focus on balancing drastic shifts in exposure by leveraging the power of LRTimelapse. Continue to build your skillset using keyframes and the power of interpol...

  • Midtown New York

    Join photographer, Drew Geraci, as he walks through some of his earliest portfolio work. Stressing the importance of personal projects and winning bigger jobs, hear about how he approached creating a unique portfolio that gained attention from top tier brands. See different unique approaches to t...

  • House of Cards Intro

    Take an inside look at the iconic Title Intro Sequence for the Netflix Series, House of Cards. Follow photographer, Drew Geraci, as he walks through his process of creating hundreds of time-lapse sequences for the show. Hear about the process of working with director, David Fincher, and his crew....

  • Motion Control System

    To create dynamic, standout time-lapse imagery, one important component is a motion control system. In this section, focus on the slider system, control unit, and 2 axis pan head. Build a foundation of working knowledge for using motion control before entering the field.

  • Corona Extra

    Take a look at a unique commercial project, for Corona Extra. Follow photographer, Drew Geraci, as he details the risk and reward of lassoing the moon for an award winning, outdoor billboard campaign.

  • Introduction

    Welcome to Time-lapse Photography with Drew Geraci. In this training series, follow Drew, arguably the top working time-lapse professional photographer in the world, to explore and discover the best practices for your time-lapse workflow. Learn about the gear, locations, shooting method, post-pro...

  • Marketing

    Congratulations! You’ve completed the course - Time-lapse Photography with Drew Geraci. In this final segment, hear best practices on how to monetize your time-lapse photography work. Compare selling your content on stock versus direct-sale websites. Identify the difference between rights-managed...

  • Camera Bodies & Lenses

    Join photographer, Drew Geraci, as he breaks down his gear for time-lapse photography. Examine the camera bodies and lenses that he utilizes in a variety of time-lapse scenarios. Listen as Drew describes the benefits of high resolution, accurate light metering, and choosing lenses with post-produ...