Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

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Dustin welcomes you to the world of 3D by introducing you to Cinema 4D by Maxon. Walking through the program's interfaces, functions, basic uses, and quick tips, Dustin will have you on your way to understanding the vast 3D experience that awaits you.

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema
  • Welcome To Nodes

    Episode 1

    While we have been using nodes for a while in the course, we haven’t spent much time diving into their power. Here Dustin starts going into some of his everyday nodes used in his workflow and prepares the scene we will use for the remainder of this chapter.

  • Texture Nodes

    Episode 2

    Dustin takes a longer look at the texture node within Octant Node Editor to really explain its functionality and usage.

  • Transform And Projection Nodes

    Episode 3

    Adjusting textures and UVs inside of Octane Node Editor to make changes to the surfaces of the 3D objects found in the scene. Dustin talks about how to eliminate repeating patterns and make sure your materials are working for you.

  • Generator Nodes

    Episode 4

    Not everything you want to do as an artist can be found produced by someone else. The same is true here. Often you are going to want to make some materials from scratch or alter significantly the materials you have, Dustin walks you through the generator nodes in Octane in order to help fuel your...

  • Map Nodes

    Episode 5

    We continue to learn about customization of materials in Octane Node Editor by using map nodes. Map nodes are very similar to the blending modes in Photoshop. Here you learn how to use these “blending modes” to your advantage in 3D.

  • Displacement Nodes

    Episode 6

    Displacement is moving surface textures outward or inward to create mild or massive moves in the surface textures. This is a great feature for creating terrain features in planes.

  • Emission Nodes

    Episode 7

    Dustin has discussed using emission nodes to creating light in Octane, this whole section is dedicated to the emission node and its ability to create those lighting effects.

  • End Chapter Outro

    Episode 8

    Dustin gives some parting thoughts from this chapter.