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Up Next in Intro To Modeling: Concepts And Tools

  • Understanding Polygon Normals

    Polygon Normals help 3D Software determine which side of a polygon is the front vs. back face. This is extremely important to understand as objects with “flipped” normals will oftentimes not render properly. At times you’ll have an entire model with flipped normals or at times just a few polygons...

  • Making Primitive Objects Editable

    Here we’ll take a look at working with primitive objects and converting them into editable geometry using the “C” key or “Make Editable”. This isn’t the first mention of this key but a searchable video to serve as a reminder as we head into the other videos here on specific tools.

  • Extrude Tool

    This tool extrudes selected points, edges or polygons. If no elements are selected, all of the object’s elements will be extruded.
    To extrude interactively in the viewport, drag left or right within the viewport. The extrusion takes place along the Normals of the selected surfaces; the average va...