Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

15 Seasons

Dustin welcomes you to the world of 3D by introducing you to Cinema 4D by Maxon. Walking through the program's interfaces, functions, basic uses, and quick tips, Dustin will have you on your way to understanding the vast 3D experience that awaits you.

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema
  • Welcome to Octane Render

    Episode 1

    Dustin introduces Octane Render as a tool as an add-on to C4D. This is where your experience as a photographer leaves you well ahead of the curve in the creative side of 3D. You’ve already got the skills it takes to create beautiful renders, possibly without even knowing it. Just as with real wor...

  • Octane Live Viewer Intro

    Episode 2

    Dustin opens Octane within Cinema 4D for the first time to begin showing the overall interface of the plugin.

  • Area Lights and Target Area Lights

    Episode 3

    Dustin uses Octane to show lighting details on a model in Cinema 4D, explaining how lighting works, how to adjust lighting, adjust color temperatures of lights and make different modifiers for the lighting.

  • HDRI Enviornment Image Based Lighting

    Episode 4

    Dustin shows how HDRI inside of Octane can be used to light a model in a way that takes the environment the model is into account. With HDRI colors and reflections (material dependent) can be seen inside of the model.

  • Octane Daylight

    Episode 5

    Dustin shows the daylight system feature inside of Octane in Cinema 4D to show how the lighting of the model can be impacted by its environment in lighting and shading.

  • IES Lights

    Episode 6

    Dustin shows how each light bulb actually has a different pattern to their light fallout and shape. Octane has accounted for this by taking IES profiles from manufacturers and adding them to the program.

  • Octane Camera

    Episode 7

    Dustin walks through how to adjust camera settings in Octane to account for camera focal length, number of aperture blades, bokeh, sensor size, and lens.

  • Octane Object Tag

    Episode 8

    Using Octane’s Object tagging to tell the computer how the model should react to the scene in terms of shadows, lights, and other objects.

  • Light linking Basics

    Episode 9

    Dustin discusses how to link various lights within the set together and have them intelligently interact with each other.

  • Useful C4D tags for Cameras and Lights

    Episode 10

    Tagging is a system that allows the computer to know how objects should and should not interact within the 3D viewport space. This is useful for everything from locking objects in place to assigning a spotlight to an individual item to follow as it moves through the scene.

  • Lighting and Camera Practice

    Episode 11

    Dustin does a demonstration of lighting and camera settings found within Octane to show various capabilities found within the program.