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Using A Spline Wrap To Bend The Cap Border

Episode 18 • 8m 18s

Up Next in Modeling The Cap

  • Forming The Border Using A Taper Object

    When designing the bottle, we wanted it to be as elegant and streamlined as possible. Sometimes this means making an aesthetic choice that might seem more subtle than others.

    Using a taper object on the cap border and comparing it to our bottle model, adjust the taper of the cap border to fit th...

  • Readjusting And Tweaking The Border G...

    In this video, we are going to take the geometry of our border and adjust it. We will readjust some of the lines that have been drawn, tweak things where needed, finesse everything so that it all works together as one cohesive form.

  • Creating The Top Of The Cap - Math Wi...

    In this video, we will learn how to make a plane sized to fit the cap hole with 42 edges on the width and height. This is a more difficult problem than in the last video because it requires some math and measurements of angles.

    9 edges x 21 scallops = 189 edges. 189 total edges -21 welded =168 f...