Introduction to Adobe Lightroom With Chris Knight

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom With Chris Knight

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Lightroom was built for an efficient and effective post processing workflow. Chris Knight will give you a great understanding of how Lightroom can be used as a digital darkroom for a powerful RAW editing and management workflow. Using Lightroom properly can provide the best pathway for organizing and managing all of your digital files.

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom With Chris Knight
  • Welcome

    Episode 1

    Welcome to Introduction to Adobe Lightroom with photographer, Chris Knight. In this series, receive an in depth look at Adobe's digital version of a real world darkroom - Adobe Lightroom. Listen as Chris discusses the history of Adobe Photoshop, its evolution and the inception of Lightroom. Work ...

  • The Catalog

    Episode 2

    Begin the series by understanding the foundation of Lightroom - the catalog. Examine hard drive solutions, their cost and the importance for production storage solutions, backup, and archival of your most important asset - your image content. Open Lightroom and learn the basics of creating a cata...

  • The Library

    Episode 3

    With a firm base understanding of Lightroom's catalog system, move forward into the library module. Walk through each panel of the library interface, examining application features like the navigator, grid view, loop view, compare and survey. Learn to use the application interface to examine your...

  • Develop Module Essentials

    Episode 4

    Transition from the focus of library organization into the essentials of Lightroom's develop module. Learn a rock solid foundation in developing camera RAW image data for post-production. Learn to extract and prepare the most information possible from your RAW image data to preserve quality throu...

  • Advanced Develop Mode Applications

    Episode 5

    Continue into a more advanced look at the develop module tool set within Lightroom. Learn about, healing, clone stamp, brushes, gradients and cropping tools. Evaluate when these tools are best used within Lightroom versus Photoshop. Practice skin retouching on portraits and dust removal on landsc...

  • Exporting

    Episode 6

    Examine the best practices for exporting your images out of Lightroom versus into Photoshop. Learn about post processing file formats, optimum color spaces, comparing 8 bit to 16 bit imagery, and ideal resolutions settings. Export multiple exposures and processes of the same image into Photoshop....

  • Workflow

    Episode 7

    Having examined file location, media asset management, image processing and development, and best practices for exporting your images, put all of the pieces together for expediting your workflow in Lightroom. Using 3 image examples, practice image processing from start to finish.

  • Wrap Up

    Episode 8

    Congratulations! You've completed the Introduction to Adobe Lightroom with photographer, Chris Knight. We encourage you to take the techniques you've learned in this series and repeat them across your workflow. And please reach out to our community with any questions, comments, and support that y...