Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik

Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik

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Photoshop is a complex and expansive post-processing tool. Pratik Naik teaches an approachable guide to mastering the fundamentals of Photoshop. Pratik has geared this tutorial specifically to provide photographers the proper foundation for using Photoshop in non-destructive ways.

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Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik
  • Healing and Cloning

    Episode 1

    Develop a deeper skill set moving from layer based adjustments to pixel level modifications. In this section, follow retoucher, Patrik Naik as he explains with practical examples the magic of the healing and clone brushes. Eliminate image distractions with different practical examples following a...

  • Editing the Toolbar

    Episode 2

    In this section, learn how to customize your toolbar to best serve your retouching workflow. Use the customizable interface to your advantage and create a tool kit with relevant, intelligent layout to minimize wasted time, while maximizing the speed of your workflow.

  • Blending Modes

    Episode 3

    A layer based workflow is the foundation of Photoshop image retouching. In this section, learn about the power of blend modes through practical examples and explanations. Break down the categories of blend modes and their subsequent effects on images and layers.

  • Filters

    Episode 4

    Leverage the power of filters for both effect and non-destructive editing in your images. Look at the Camera RAW Filter, a variety of blurs to create bokeh, motion blur and camera shake effects. Use noise filters to control unwanted image degradation, like banding and dust. Apply smart objects fo...

  • Liquify and Sharpening

    Episode 5

    With a solid foundation for filters, advance to more complex filtering methods with Photoshop's liquify and sharpening. Learn to modify shape, volume, and dimension with liquefy to enhance a subject's form. Visualize the sharpening process, honing settings against visual feedback for control over...

  • Cropping

    Episode 6

    Follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, for the best and simplest ways to crop and size your images for different purposes. Develop a workflow to create specific dimensions, undo any crop move, and save image format that retains all of your original image data. Lean to create presets to expedite your deli...

  • Saving for Web

    Episode 7

    Transition from cropping and image sizing to focus on best practices in saving your images for the web. Pay special attention to file size, format, dimensions, and proper compression to balance the best quality with the best size for images that load quickly and accurately represent your work.