Lighting Daytime Interiors

Lighting Daytime Interiors

5 Seasons

This course digs deep into first scouting your location and what to look for, understanding that the time of day is important even though you are shooting inside, your lens choice, your emotional lighting mood, tone, the lighting package, and the finesse of seeing each stroke of light as if you were painting on a canvas.

With this tutorial, you’ll gain confidence on set and learn quality and quantity of light, color contrast, and false color exposure techniques, along with the ability to balance interior and exterior lighting with ease.

Lighting Daytime Interiors
  • How to Light Day Interiors - Part 3

    Episode 1

    Review the schematic of the light setup. Focus on getting the right color temperature with gels to get beautiful color separation. Learn about ratios and IRE values to get everything dialed in.

  • How to Light Day Interiors - Part 4

    Episode 2

    Tie everything together and make final changes. Learn to add light in the foreground to create more mood. Make tilting and panning adjustments on the camera while working with the actress. See the final result that drives emotion and delivers the punch that Shane was looking for.