Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks

Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks

7 Seasons

Every day new and exciting images are competing for our attention. Famed UK photographer, Jake Hicks returns to PRO EDU teaching a fundamentally simple yet powerful technique to create long exposure portraits impossible to ignore.

Combining ambient light with studio strobes, Jake introduces four unique methods of creating portraits while capturing unbelievable practical effects in-camera.

This tutorial was designed to teach you not just the technical aspects of long exposure photography but how to be truly creative in the studio and experiment in ways that will set your work apart from the rest.

Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks
  • Posing

    Episode 1

    Work through a variety of poses to test the strength of the lighting setup and flexibility before beginning the long exposure light painting process.

  • Light Painting Tools

    Episode 2

    With the lighting setup, posing, and tools identified and tested, begin the iterative and experimental process of long exposure light painting.

  • Exposure Test

    Episode 3

    Implement the tools and philosophy as you learn how to paint with light in a studio environment. Assess the ambient light level in the room. Iterate through multiple tests to find the sweet spot of creating compelling imagery with this technique. Develop a sense of how to move light in relationsh...

  • Photoshoot

    Episode 4

    With testing complete, apply gels to the lighting setup to create a balanced color temperature between the set lights and light painting tools. Put all of the knowledge to work and create multiple long exposures, learn the basics of painting with light in studio using a variety of techniques to c...