Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

7 Seasons

Luxe Portraiture is all about building a business on the foundation of customer experience. Jai Mayhew shares the knowledge that has allowed her to build a six-figure portrait business, booked months in advance, which markets itself. Using her background in fashion photography Jai creates unique experiences for each client. Building a story, bringing in wardrobe, providing parting gifts, creating luxe reveals... this is Luxe Portraiture.

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Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew
  • What Is A Luxe Studio?

    Episode 1

    What defines a luxury studio space? Does it require a large storefront? Do you need to have certain items in place? Jai talks about her studio environment, what she has included and what she thinks defines a luxe environment.

  • Welcome To Jai's Studio Tour

    Episode 2

    We have discussed what makes a Luxe Studio space, now we will walk through Jai’s space and how she has built a business in it.

  • Assignment 4

    Episode 3

    What stops you from establishing a studio? Let's find ways around those blocks.

  • The Camera Gear Jai Uses

    Episode 4

    Joining Jai in the studio to talk about what equipment she uses day to day in her business.

  • Must Have Lighting

    Episode 5

    The discussion of equipment continues with talking about lighting. Do you need to save for the best gear? How much do you need to do what Jai does? Let’s look into Jai’s studio lighting.

  • Building Your Wardrobe

    Episode 6

    A studio wardrobe is a great added bonus for your clients. The studio wardrobe gives you the ability to add direction to your images, reduce stress in your clients, and make sure luxury is part of your client's experience.

  • Building Your Team

    Episode 7

    Doing everything on your own is hard. Having a team helps take away your stress, increases the overall luxury experience and increases the probability of getting greater images. How and who do you put on your team?