Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

7 Seasons

Luxe Portraiture is all about building a business on the foundation of customer experience. Jai Mayhew shares the knowledge that has allowed her to build a six-figure portrait business, booked months in advance, which markets itself. Using her background in fashion photography Jai creates unique experiences for each client. Building a story, bringing in wardrobe, providing parting gifts, creating luxe reveals... this is Luxe Portraiture.

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Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew
  • Luxe Photoshoots - Introduction

    Episode 1

    This chapter opens with Jai's favorite part of her business, photoshoots. In this introduction to the photoshoot section, Jai expresses what she thinks is most important for you to watch while she shoots.

  • Anna - Introduction To The Photoshoot

    Episode 2

    Jai introduces the first shoot with Anna. Here Jai talks about all the details that went into building this concept, about the wardrobe, the hair, the makeup, and everything that will help tell the story Jai has prepared for Anna.

  • Anna - The Single Light Editorial Photo Shoot

    Episode 3

    Studio lighting does not need to be complex, have multiple lights, or be scary. Jai starts the process of showing you her go-to lighting set-ups by demonstrating what is possible with just a single light source.

  • Anna - How To Pose For Female Sensuality

    Episode 4

    A lot of Jai's work contains an element of sensuality to it. Jai explains how she considers female sensuality to be very different from sexuality.

    Using a beauty dish primarily, Jai walks you through a straightforward yet powerful lighting scenario that showcases your subject.

  • Anna - Adding A Second Light For Fill

    Episode 5

    Fill light is a light source that generally is at lower power and at a different angle than the key (or primary) light. The fill light is designed to reduce contrast in images, often reducing the depth of shadows.

    Jai demonstrates adding the fill light to your shoot, often by simply bouncing th...

  • Anna - Culling The Shoot

    Episode 6

    Culling images is an art form all in itself. Editing takes time, making sure you have the best image to start with is a critical, often overlooked, phase in your editing process.

    Jai walks you through her selection process of the first photoshoot with Anna to talk about what she sees when she i...

  • Anna - Posing Assignment

    Episode 7

    Understanding how the body moves and which poses work for different scenarios is a complete game-changer for every photographer. Throughout this tutorial you see Jai mirroring poses for the subject in order to take away the insecurity a lot of people feel in front of the camera.

    In this assignm...

  • Monique - Choosing A Lens

    Episode 8

    Knowing which lens to choose based on your subject/surroundings is critical to your success as a photographer. Jai shows how each lens can give you dramatically different results, without moving your model or camera position.

  • Monique - Using A Grid

    Episode 9

    Jai discusses why adding a grid to your light can narrow the falloff or spill of lighting in order to control where the light lands on the subject or background. Jai does this by using a classic clamshell lighting scenario where the grid brings the light in on her subject.

  • Monique - Hard Versus Soft Light & Broad Versus Short Light

    Episode 10

    Jai explores using some classic lighting scenarios- hard light, soft light, in both a broad and short situation. Jai shows how they can be combined and utilized for artistic and dramatic images. These simple lighting scenarios can be used to really drive your vision forward and give your clients...

  • Monique - Culling The Shoot

    Episode 11

    Going through images should never be taken as an afterthought. Learning to see the details that move an image from good to great is what saves you a lot of time in post-processing. Jai continues to walk you through what she looks for in her images and how she decides what images to select.

  • Monique - Luxe Experience Interview

    Episode 12

    Understanding how your clients feel is a key factor to Jai's overall business success. In this video, Monique describes her experience. Jai investigates why getting a picture taken is so nerve-wracking for some people and how photographers can help overcome these fears.

  • Monique - Lighting Assignment

    Episode 13

    Jai challenges her audience to only use one light source to create images that show the different light scenarios- broad, short, hard, and soft.

    Remember that the light source you use does not have to be expensive studio lighting. Light can come from windows, open doors, lamps, and any variety o...

  • Jade - Introduction To The Photo Shoot

    Episode 14

    Jai famously brings an element of her work in the fashion industry to her clients. In this video, Jai begins walking through the fashion and beauty process and how using very simple props can help build very bold imagery for your everyday clients.

  • Jade - Styling The Shoots

    Episode 15

    Here Jai brings you into the creative discussion with her make artist and client for the day. Jai walks through the wardrobe design, the different looks that will be used with Jade, and how the make-up artist will add to the overall feel of the look.

  • Jade - Beauty Shoot Built Around Gloves

    Episode 16

    Inspiration can come from any source. For Jai, it often comes in the simplest form or a single object. The material, the color, the flow… all these things can be the very building block of the entire shoot. Here a simple set of custom-made sequined gloves spark the color palette and bring the who...

  • Jade - Fashion Shoot Using Gels

    Episode 17

    Adding gels to your lighting can introduce an entirely different feel. Since we know color can impact mode color becomes a critical element in completing your story.

    In this video, Jai explores introducing gels to her image in order to give the client some dramatic, fashion-forward images.

  • Jade - Alter The Wardrobe For A New Look

    Episode 18

    Giving a client multiple opportunities to see and ultimately buy a lot of different looks is something Jai preaches repeatedly.

    Here we get to see that those opportunities do not always mean dramatic differences or require a whole wardrobe shift. Often just slightly altering the components of a...

  • Jade - Using Negative Fill

    Episode 19

    From reflectors to v-flats, using bounced lighting is common. In this segment of Jade’s shoot, Jai does the opposite using the black side of the v-flat to absorb light and carve out the client's features for a very editorial-style image.

  • Jade - Culling The Shoot

    Episode 20

    Continuing the thought process of culling images is a critical step in making sure that only the best images are edited we spend time going through all the photos from Jade’s shoot with Jai. Jai talks through her process of image selection and what she looks for in each photo and why.

  • Jade - Editorial Elements Assignment

    Episode 21

    In this assignment, Jai challenges you to add editorial elements to your shoot. Be it color or negative fill, the point of this assignment is to get you to bring new elements to your process.

  • Introduction To The Masterpiece Sessions

    Episode 22

  • Introducing A Wardrobe Stylist

    Episode 23

    As a part of the masterpiece offering, Jai always brings in a professional stylist. A stylist brings a unique vision to the shoot, combining various artistic elements from wardrobe to set design. Understanding what a stylist can bring is important. In this video, Jai talks to Kristi Pinkham to ge...

  • Dawn - Masterpiece Session First Look

    Episode 24

    Continuing into the first photoshoot of the Masterpiece Session, Jai brings a stylized, storytelling aspect to her client work. Bringing that fashion/editorial experience from her past work, Jai brings her client's model dreams to life.