Model Testing With Elizabeth Wiseman

Model Testing With Elizabeth Wiseman

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Model Testing is an opportunity for a photographer and model to build their portfolios together. It is foundational to nearly every career in beauty and fashion photography. Working with professional models and modeling agencies can be an intimidating step for many photographers, but by understanding their needs as a business, photographers can gain confidence knowing when to ask and how to contact modeling agencies for model testing.

Elizabeth Wiseman is a fashion and commercial photographer with studios based in St. Louis, MO and Knoxville, TN. Before her photography career, Elizabeth actually worked in a modeling agency. Her experience on both the agency and photography sides of model testing gives her an expert perspective on how to contact and collaborate with modeling agencies to produce effective, marketable images for the agency and your portfolio alike.

How Modeling Agencies Work
How to Contact Modeling Agencies and Ask to Work with Models
How to Build A Fashion Photography Portfolio
How to Contact A Modeling Agency If You've Never Worked with Models
Understanding Editorial vs. Commercial Models
How to Style Models or Direct a Wardrobe Stylist for Model Testing
How to Direct Hair and Makeup Stylists for Model Testing
How to Pose Editorial vs. Commercial Models for Model Testing
How to Light Editorial vs. Commercial Models for Model Testing
Retouching for Model Testing
Identifying Your Market & Market Size for Fashion Photography
How to Start A Photography Business and Make Money Model Testing
And Much More!
Included are two full-length photo shoots to watch Elizabeth execute a commercial and editorial model test in real time. Also included are Elizabeth's Comprehensive Posing Guide, Email Template for Contacting Modeling Agencies, and Model Packing List for Model Testing.

Model Testing With Elizabeth Wiseman
  • Foundations of a Fashion Photography Career

    Episode 1

    Gain inside industry perspective. Listen as photographer, Elizabeth Wiseman, reflects on her career. Hear how she used her foundation in photography to identify a market, identify an industry need, develop a portfolio, and build up a business to create a portfolio for a successful fashion photogr...

  • Analyzing Your Market

    Episode 2

    Create a mindset and approach to analyze your own market and establish how you want to define your own fashion photography career. Identify your market and develop a sense of how you can be effective to create images that are industry standard and aligned with agency and model needs to advance yo...

  • Closing Thoughts

    Episode 3

    Congratulations on completing Model Testing with photographer, Elizabeth Wiseman. We hope that you enjoyed the tutorial. The best way to retain all of the information is to put it into practice. We’d love to see your work and encourage you to share your results with our community. Never stop lear...