• Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom

    10 seasons

    Coming Soon- Cinematic Color Grading for Adobe Lightroom focuses and highlights Justin Lister's Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom workflow in creating his composites, fine art, and editorial portrait style shoots. Justin's workflow with Lightroom color grading enables users to quickly build color gra...

  • PRO EDU 2020 New Instructor Reel

    The PRO EDU platform is proud to announce 10 new instructors and a full time dedicated CGI artist to the platform, Dustin Valkema. We will be exploring a lot of in-depth tutorials in addition to regular CGI tutorials with Dustin in 2020.

  • Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry Mackenzie

    4 seasons

    Go on location with renowned real estate photographer, Barry Mackenzie as he crafts and prepares images of a home ready to be put on the market. Get insider tips from a working pro to capture beautifully composed images allowing potential buyers to visualize a home's layout. Learn to composite mu...

  • Surreal Portrait Retouching Workflow

    4 seasons

    Many photographers are accomplished at bringing their vision to life. Kelly Robitaille has turned her dark and dreamlike visions into a series of surreal and whimsical portraits. In this tutorial Kelly shares her retouching methods, including actions, overlays and textures, which will allow you t...

  • The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman

    4 seasons

    In their quest for better images, photographers often overlook the importance of color. Kate Woodman breaks down the science of color and will show you why you need to make color a driving force behind all of your image making. By understanding color balance, color harmonies and how to manipulate...

  • Fine Art Photography & Retouching

    3 seasons

    Drawing inspiration from her years as a painter, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk creates painterly portraits with a camera. Her imaginative concepts, meticulous planning, and attention to every detail result in portraits that belong on museum walls. Gemmy shares her understanding of historical approaches t...

  • Commercial Color Grading

    3 seasons

    Have you ever looked at a polished image and wondered how the retoucher achieved that color grade? In this tutorial Sef McCullough reverse engineers images and shows how to recreate a specific grade. There are several approaches to color grading, but unfortunately, too many of the techniques used...

  • Pinterest For Photographers

    8 seasons

    Pinterest is a discovery platform, made for creatives. With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is a popular destination that connect a wide array of active buyers and sellers together. This social media platform that could very well be your secret marketing engine this year because 90% of ...

  • The Giant Tutorial
    Movie + 1 extra

    The Giant Tutorial

    Movie + 1 extra

    An in depth look at how Richard Wakefield created images for this Giant series.

  • How I Made This
    2 seasons

    How I Made This

    2 seasons

    Dive into the world of creatives with this retouching series designed to give you full access to how artists edit 1 image. With a new episode weekly and many providing you with PSD's or assets when available you will learn first hand how these files are made.

  • Architecture Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund

    17 seasons

    Go on-location with Tony Roslund to photograph multiple rooms in a beautiful, large Microsoft office space designed by HOK Architects. Learn his entire process to find angles, utilize natural light, light with strobes, and shoot building exteriors and interiors. These tips will help you market yo...