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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

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Up Next in Architecture Photography & Retouching Tony Roslund

  • Exterior-Lighting

    Utilize strobe lighting to highlight specific accent points of the building, mixing ambient with strobe lighting. Navigate the complexities of outdoor shooting, with dusk quickly approaching.

  • Exterior-Exposure Bracketing

    Watch as Tony iterates through different exposure brackets to catch the ideal sky reflections for the building’s exterior. Utilize long exposure to capture car lights for added interest. Pay attention to lighting and building detail to accentuate, for the final composition.

  • Retouching Intro

    With production now complete, shift focus as Tony sets up the retouching, post-production portion of the series. Receive an overview of philosophy, workflow, and approach as Tony introduces, retouchist, Barry MacKenzie, who will guide you through the compositing and color control work.