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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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Up Next in Colored Gel Photography Part 1 Studio Portraiture

  • Key Light

    In the Gelled Beauty setup, change from a black to white background. Begin the layered, step by step build up process for lighting the set. Begin setup with the key light, focusing on position, angle, distance from the model, paying attention to the subject's eyes and jaw line. Evaluate the dista...

  • Fill Light

    In the second step of lighting a Gelled Beauty portrait, add a silver umbrella to create specular highlights and contrast. Leverage the ease of use on an umbrella with a gel, compared to a softbox, creating soft light. Understand the position of lighting in relationship to the model and other lig...

  • Adding Control

    With exposure from the Key and Fill light dialed in, apply additional control in shaping the lighting setup by using black and white v-flats. Shape the lighting around the model and observe as photographer, Jake Hicks, explains his methodology for controlling light within your shooting environment.