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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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Up Next in Colored Gel Photography: Studio Portraiture

  • Black and White Toning

    In contrast to dodging and burning, focus on balancing skin tone using a method of black and white toning. Using this step in the multilayered approach towards skin retouching, follow photographer, Jake Hicks, in creating a commercial look by eliminating splotches and patchiness. Using soft light...

  • Skin Smoothing

    Leverage the power of skin smoothing to create an incredibly soft, natural skin texture. Follow photographer Jake Hicks, as he uses a methodical, mathematic and balanced approach in another pass of skin retouching. With the goal of creating a high end commercial look for the gelled beauty image, ...

  • Dodge and Burn

    With each pass for retouching, tone and smoothing skin complete - focus on a more global approach for the gelled beauty image. Switch to creating depth and dimension using dodge and burn. Use curves adjustment layers and the paint brush tool to accentuate facial features, lightening and darkening...