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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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Up Next in Colored Gel Photography Part 1 Studio Portraiture

  • Soft Look 1

    Follow photographer, Jake Hicks, as he goes on location into a larger, more open environment. With a variety of tools and experience, learn to apply the colored gel lighting techniques in a new scenario. Move away from in studio shooting to a location environment, learning to use the environment ...

  • Soft Look 2

    Learn to adapt to the environment of a location shoot and follow your creative muse. After capturing multiple, wide shot exposures for beautiful on location gelled imagery, watch as photographer, Jake Hicks, improvises in the moment. Using pose, perspective, and gelled lighting, see Jake create a...

  • Soft Look 3

    Capture the third shot in the on location series. Manipulate Kelvin settings to turn day into night. Create a lighting setup that enhances existing lights within the scene and clear color separation for environmental character and mood. Utilize a full CTO gel, low ISO, and shallow depth of field ...