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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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Up Next in Commercial Retouching Pt 1 The Industry Standard

  • Introduction and Creating a Plan

    With the entire process of retouching a commercial shoe complete, apply the system to a new lifestyle image. Shift to working with an image that has more environmental qualities. Focus on creating a plan to retain the natural reality of the shot, while gaining full creative control of the subject...

  • Linked Workflow

    Begin retouching the lifestyle image by creating balance in the RAW file. Use a smart object workflow to create flexibility in raw changes. Enable profile correction and correct lens distortion. Leverage the power of Adobe Camera RAW. Create an image with the highest level of detail in data, that...

  • Shoe Retouching

    With a linked workflow established, begin honing the replacement shoe elements for compositing into the main lifestyle base image. Shape and refine the shoes with the Liquefy tool in Photoshop. Use silo clipping to create clean mask, cutting clean, flexible paths for compositing. Leverage the kno...