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Up Next in Creative Photoshop Techniques - Renee Robyn

  • Brushes

    Unlock the power and efficiency of Photoshop brushes. Understand how a brush works, how it relates to transparency, and creating effective masks for compositing work. Learn to create a custom brush and save it as a preset for your retouching workflow.

  • Color Adjustments

    Continue to build a toolset for compositing, focusing on editing color. Manipulate Image Adjustments, blend modes, shadow and highlights, masking and painting to create compelling color work for your images.

  • Manipulating Color

    Transition from learning a variety of techniques to direct application inside of a workflow. In this section, follow retoucher, Renee Robyn, as she uses different example images to manipulate color, atmosphere and textures, building on the knowledge you have been building across each stage. Shift...