Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Lighting-Using Flats

Episode 2 • 3m 51s

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  • Lighting-Rim Light

    For this setup, remove the v-flat and replace it with a softbox backdrop behind your subject. Focus on creating a controlled rim light around your subject’s face. Examine the effects of backlighting your subject with specific attention on retaining skin and hair texture. Build up through the ligh...

  • Lighting-Commerical Lighting

    Change out lighting for a Westcott Zeppelin Part 47 key light to create a more commercial look for your male subject. With inner and outer diffusion on the light, a V-Flat modifier and longer, narrower source, control the look of the image using diffusion, angle, and lighting position. Intentiona...

  • Lighting-Incorporating Props

    Using the same commercial lighting setup, begin to incorporate different props to change the mood and posture of your male subject. Iterate through a series of captures changing your camera’s position to achieve different perspectives.