Pinterest For Photographers

Pinterest For Photographers

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Pinterest is a discovery platform, made for creatives. With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is a popular destination that connect a wide array of active buyers and sellers together. This social media platform that could very well be your secret marketing engine this year because 90% of weekly users using Pinterest use it to make purchasing decisions. So the question remains, are you utilizing it to its full potential?

 Photographers get paid to take pictures, designers get paid to create designs, and retouchers get paid to fix and improve images. The finished product that professional creatives make is well suited for Pinterest and is the perfect platform to showcase your work and lead potential buyers to your main hub, your website.

Building your Pinterest plan and strategy is not a lot of extra work, but understanding the platform and how to properly build it, optimize it, and automate it will allow you to add another marketing tool, or spoke, to your arsenal of marketing tactics.

This tutorial was a follow up to Jared's first tutorial with PRO EDU on Marketing For Photographers : SEO and Website Optimization and we suggest that you take this course first before starting Pinterest.

Pinterest For Photographers
  • Account Research-Understanding Your Client with Jake Hicks

    Episode 1

    Pinterest is a great platform to help commercial photographers grow their business. Jared sits down with commercial photographer, and fellow PRO EDU instructor Jake Hicks, to explain why Pinterest is so valuable while addressing Jake’s natural skepticism of the platform. For all photographers, th...

  • Account Research-Page Optimization

    Episode 2

    Moving beyond a basic understanding of the platform, Jared will show you exactly how to build your Pinterest marketing strategy. By creating a custom platform for Jake Hicks, Jared will give you detailed step by step instructions to build your optimized Pinterest account.

  • Account Research-Mind Mapping with Jake Hicks

    Episode 3

    A proper Pinterest strategy is built upon solid research of your existing work and your potential clients. Jared and Jake talk in great detail about Jake’s work, how he defines his imagery and the types of clients who commission his talents. Through this conversation, you will discover how to res...

  • Account Research-Broad Search Keywords

    Episode 4

    After establishing and optimizing your Pinterest account, Jared will take you inside of Pinterest’s search engine to learn how to customize search results and drive organic traffic to your content. With Jake’s account as the example, you will gain foundational information to growing your photogra...

  • Account Research-Broad Search Keyword Details

    Episode 5

    In spending a bit more time in the research phase of your Pinterest account, Jared will show you how to fine tune your results through a series of detailed search results. You will learn how to apply this valuable information to further increase your organic traffic.

  • Account Research-Long Tail Keywords

    Episode 6

    Long Tail Keywords are the most specific description of your photography style and genre. Jared will give you a series of examples using Jake’s photography, to illustrate the most effective methods of Long Tail Keywords to optimize the intelligence of the Pinterest search algorithms.

  • Account Research-Homework Assignment 02

    Episode 7

    A bit more homework. This assignment is the next step to quickly and effectively build your Pinterest marketing strategy by the time you complete this course.