Pinterest For Photographers

Pinterest For Photographers

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Pinterest is a discovery platform, made for creatives. With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is a popular destination that connect a wide array of active buyers and sellers together. This social media platform that could very well be your secret marketing engine this year because 90% of weekly users using Pinterest use it to make purchasing decisions. So the question remains, are you utilizing it to its full potential?

 Photographers get paid to take pictures, designers get paid to create designs, and retouchers get paid to fix and improve images. The finished product that professional creatives make is well suited for Pinterest and is the perfect platform to showcase your work and lead potential buyers to your main hub, your website.

Building your Pinterest plan and strategy is not a lot of extra work, but understanding the platform and how to properly build it, optimize it, and automate it will allow you to add another marketing tool, or spoke, to your arsenal of marketing tactics.

This tutorial was a follow up to Jared's first tutorial with PRO EDU on Marketing For Photographers : SEO and Website Optimization and we suggest that you take this course first before starting Pinterest.

Pinterest For Photographers
  • Building Out A Board-Writing Board Names

    Episode 1

    Get started creating your Pinterest boards. Now that you have done your research, Jared will show you the steps to create and properly name a variety of boards that will help define your style and attract customers to your imagery.

  • Building Out A Board-Writing Board Descriptions

    Episode 2

    One of the most important components to the Pinterest strategy is to create effective and intelligent board descriptions. Using Jake as the example, Jared will illustrate how to think about wording for effective board descriptions.

  • Building Out A Board-Homework Assignment 03

    Episode 3

    Before moving on, take a few moments to complete the assignment of building and writing your Pinterest boards. Pay close attention to your use of keywords based on the research of your photographic style and customer behaviors.

  • Building Out A Board-Creating Boards

    Episode 4

    Now the fun begins. Jared shows each step to creating your Pinterest boards and edit detailed information to achieve greatest visibility. You will see best practices to efficiently and effectively create your board structure.