EdgeLab™ Plugin | Edge Refinement Vysics Toolset

EdgeLab™ Plugin | Edge Refinement Vysics Toolset

Edge Lab is the ultimate tool for portrait and product photographers obsessed with details and precision. Edge lab is an innovative approach to a new workflow that allows photographers to quickly isolate and manage edges to clean, refine, and composite into any environment they want.

Edge Lab is a game-changer with portraiture and hair that needs detail to be managed carefully, especially for portrait photographers. Have you ever photographed someone on a light/white background only to find out that you want to put them on a dark background? The light bleed doesn't blend properly, does it? Well, with Edge Lab, you can say goodbye to frustration and hello to innovation!
Grain Lab is available for purchase as a stand-alone plugin or FREE in the PRO PLAN.
Grain Lab is compatible with Apple (non-Silicon) and Windows-based versions of Photoshop CC.

Edge Lab is NOT currently compatible with Apple Silicon M1, M1 Pro, M1 Pro Max computers. We anticipate a Spring 2022 launch for the M1 Silicon processor.
All version updates to EdgeLab, including the M1 update, will be free for all users who purchased a stand-alone license to ToneLab™, EdgeLab™, GrainLab™, and the Vysics Suite Bundle.
Version: Beta

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EdgeLab™ Plugin | Edge Refinement Vysics Toolset

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