How To Price Your Photography

How To Price Your Photography

Establishing a full-time career as a photographer means you have to make money with your business. Making a living with photography requires more than great images. It takes the knowledge and understanding of how to manage and sustain a profitable business. Luckily for you, we are committed to revealing the success secrets of working pros and help you build a profitable photography career.

How To Price Your Photography
  • Introduction

    Welcome to Pricing for Profits - The Cost of Doing Business. In this series, follow a company executive, professional photographers, and a seasoned producer as they walk you through their experiences and best practices in the industry. Learn to analyze your business costs, build a bid, and ask in...

  • Business Cost Analysis

    Follow Founder and CEO of BlinkBind, Lou Lesko as he walks you through a cost analysis of starting a photography business. Learn best practices and gain insight to begin with a proper foundation for starting a successful photography business.

  • Business Philosophy with Rob Grimm

    Join BlinkBid founder and CEO, Lou Lesko and photographer, Rob Grimm in an in depth conversation on business philosophy. Hear from two seasoned industry veterans as they discuss positioning yourself within a very challenging and competitive industry. Learn their approach to pricing, communicating...

  • Questions to Ask Your Clients

    Dive deeper into understanding pricing, by equipping yourself with motivated questions to ask your clients. From budget, to image delivery, to licensing terms, to number of images required in a shoot - work smarter to develop a pricing structure for your business.

  • Pricing Philosophy with Emily Lucarz

    Join BlinkBid founder and CEO, Lou Lesko and family portrait photographer, Emily Lucarz as they discuss pricing differences in different genres of photography. Hear best practices when expanding your business, as Emily discusses real world challenges converting her experience from family portrait...

  • Examine a Creative Brief

    With a foundation for cost analysis and pricing, continue to develop your skills as you examine a client's creative brief. Consider the principles of cost and pricing as you examine the task of executing a client's creative vision.

  • Bidding the Job

    Understanding your cost of doing business and how to price yourself are only two of the foundational pieces required for your photography business. In this section, follow BlinkBid founder and CEO, Lesko, as he highlights the best practices and considerations for bidding a job. Consider topics li...

  • Bid Breakdown

    Go further, with BlinkBid founder and CEO, Lou Lesko as he uses the BlinkBid web platform to give a high level view of the software and how to build a bid.

  • Producing Philosophy with Blaine Deutsch

    Join BlinkBid founder and CEO, Lou Lesko and seasoned producer, Blaine Deutsch as they sit down to discuss the role of a producer. Learn about the producer's importance in pre-production, production, and after your photo shoot has wrapped.

  • Building a Bid

    For this segment of the series, join producer Blaine Deutsch on an in depth look at the BlinkBid web application. Learn to build a bid through the eyes of a producer who has managed a variety of photography and motion sets. Learn to build an exhaustive bid with ease and intelligence to better pos...

  • The History of BlinkBid

    Congratulations! You've completed Pricing for Profits - The Cost of Doing Business. In closing, join PRO EDU Co-Founder, Gary Martin, producer, Blaine Deutsch, and BlinkBid founder and CEO, Lou Lesko as they sit down to discuss the origin and development of BlinkBid. We hope you've gained a lot o...