Product Photography With Tony Roslund

Product Photography With Tony Roslund

Product photography is a mainstay for many studios. Tony Roslund gives a thorough understanding of photographing products for catalogs, editorial use, small business and large commercial clients.

This tutorial covers all the equipment, cameras, lenses, lighting, modifiers and other essential tools on set that you need to create images to move your product or service. With 12 different photo shoots you will see all of this equipment in action.

Tony divides his product photography course into four different types of photography:

Catalog Photography
Editorial Photography
Small Business and Startup Photography
Big-Budget Advertising Photography
Tony's years of experience show how to build a product portfolio, attract new clients, and win bigger jobs. Whether you are an experienced pro or just learning about photography, this course will teach you how to be a successful product photographer.

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Product Photography With Tony Roslund

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