CGI Complete Build: Shoe Rendering & Retouching

CGI Complete Build: Shoe Rendering & Retouching

The AIR Dusty Cinema 4D Tutorial gives photographers an inside look at how commercial work is created from initial concept to final asset delivery. Join master trainer Dustin Valkema in this complete workflow tutorial that gives you all of the assets, models, textures and C4D files so you can begin your journey into learning CGI product renders and composite photography in Cinema 4D.

This course will teach you everything about creating a high-quality image for any type of client or project using Cinema 4d + Octane Render Engine with a focus on product rendering and compositing techniques in Photoshop. You’ll also get access to our private Facebook group where we share tutorials, tips & tricks as well as answer questions from other members! All for free, for a limited time.

CGI Complete Build: Shoe Rendering & Retouching
  • Welcome to the Complete Build

    Welcome to the Air Dusty Complete Build. Here Maxon Master Trainer and PRO EDU CGI Lead breaks down what to expect from this episode in the Complete Build Series.

  • Estimating The Job

    Invoicing and demonstrating to clients the time it takes to produce CGI assets is a major learning curve. Here Dustin shows you how to invoice your client to ensure you are paid for all the time that goes into a project. Dustin uses to develop invoices, print contracts, send items to hi...

  • Getting Started With the Complete Build

    Dustin gives you an overview of how all the assets are organized in the downloads section of this tutorial and how to layout your workspace to bring you the greatest chance of a smooth and successful project.

  • How To Mock Up A Catalogue Shoe

    Often when developing products for clients there is a pre-approval process before the project gets too deep in its process. In this video, Dustin begins setting up his client’s mock-up image. This allows the client to get an idea of what the product will look like when complete. Dustin shows how ...

  • How To Set Up Your Camera Angles & Adapt Your Lighting

    At this point, Dustin does the layout and rendering of the “clay” model project for client review. Giving the client multiple view options early in the development process helps ensure their vision comes to life as well as get ahead of potential future problems before too much work is done on the...

  • Lighting Revision Round 1 & Advice For Client Education

    In a typical client interaction, the clay models are reviewed by the client so the client can get an idea about camera angles and lighting. A huge part of this process is client education. Remembering that the people reviewing this process might not know what to do with these renders - they need ...

  • Material Creation - Utilizing Displacement Maps

    Before jumping into materials, Dustin walks through all the included downloads once more, demonstrating the importance of a well-organized file structure for the project. With PurRef open, Dustin begins to tackle the task of applying materials to the sole of the shoe.

  • Material Creation - Combining UV Mapped Textures

    In this video, Dustin works with both seamless and UV-mapped textures to create a good mix of the two. He uses both to combine product-specific details while having the ability to have full control over material properties.

  • Material Creation - Creating Fabric Materials

    Developing the fabrics on the shoe and matching materials to create realism. Using the node editor Dustin makes several adaptations to the materials to make the surface believable. Using reference files Dustin really gets into the in and outs of a fabric material that is semi-reflective.


  • Material Creation - Back Wrap Stitching Part I

    Continuing in materials for the shoes, Dustin tackles the stitching, and back wrap of the shoe - finding ways to balance the appearance of the various leather materials to resemble their real-world counterparts. All the dedication to details in each independent fabric brings together the realism ...

  • Material Creation - Back Wrap Stitching Part 2

    Continuing in materials for the shoes, Dustin tackles the stitching, and back wrap of the shoe - finding ways to balance the appearance of the various leather materials to resemble their real-world counterparts. All the dedication to details in each independent fabric brings together the realism ...

  • Material Creation - Plastic Tag Creation

    Tackling the unique zip tag attached to the shoe Dustin using the blend editor to create a composite material to make a translucent plastic.

  • Material Creation Laces

    Shoelaces are unique in their weaved materials that have a slight reflective quality to them. Developing the materials to overlay on this part of the shoe is not as straightforward as it might appear at first glance.

  • Logos & Decals

    Developing the logo, inverting it in octane, adding displacement maps, and developing the proper level of embossing/stamping are needed to make the Air Dusty logo look real.

  • Logos and Decals Mirroring the shoes

    Using the first shoe and all its materials, Dustin duplicates the shoe, mirroring it to use as its matched pair. This easy process allows for a major save in time by not needing to add all the materials to a new model. With minor adjustments to the logos, a matched copy is created.

  • Tactical Pause & Sending Final Renders

    The tactical pause is the moment when Dustin stops and reviews the models and materials a final time before looking at the render settings and rendering the images he will use for the final product.

  • Photoshop Post Production - Quick Action Workflow

    Dustin imports the rendered images into Photoshop where he builds out an action for his workflow. This action allows for quick applications across multiple images from the same shoot in order to increase efficiency in post-production. Dustin shows how to use the various render passes to perfect t...

  • Intro to Chapter Welcome

    Using assets from the Air Dusty Complete build, Dustin explains his creative vision for placing those shoes into a CGI environment that can be used for commercial ad space.

  • Creating the Environment

    Using basic cubes, spherical fields, and displacement maps Dustin creates a unique environment for the shoes to rest in.

  • Camera & Lighting

    Here Dustin continues to build the scene for the Air Dusty Commerical Ad by working on the camera placement and lighting for the images.

  • Adding Materials To The Environment

    Grunge maps, displacement nodes, transform nodes, multiply inputs - these features are just a few of the Octane node editor features used to breathe life into the CGI environment as materials are added to the circuit boards the shoes are resting on.

  • Tactical Pause

    Dustin uses this opportunity to give the images a once over to examine all the details involved before rendering the final images that he will bring to photoshop for the post-processing.

  • Photoshop Post Production

    After the rendering is complete, the renders are still brought into Photoshop to be retouched using Dustin's advanced retouching methods for every render layer.

  • Color Grading in Camera Raw

    Giving the image the final looks to tie it all together. Color grading can be one of the most exciting portions of a retouch and one of the things that can really separate your work from the masses.

  • Assignment 1

    Let's put principle into action and start working on your CGI capabilities. Dustin gives you the assignment to elevate your skill level and take the tutorial beyond just listening.

  • Air Dusty | Assignment 2

    Now it's time to take what you have learned on the commercial build and put it into action. Can you accept the challenge and build a completely new product placement idea?

  • Air Dusty | Tutorial Outro

    Lots of challenges were met as part of the Air Dusty Complete Build. Dustin recaps the learning objectives and closes out the tutorial.

  • What Is A Complete Build 16x9

  • Air Dusty Shoe Catalogue Download Files

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  • Air Dusty Shoe Commercial Download Files

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