Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry Mackenzie

Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry Mackenzie

4 Seasons

Go on location with renowned real estate photographer, Barry Mackenzie as he crafts and prepares images of a home ready to be put on the market. Get insider tips from a working pro to capture beautifully composed images allowing potential buyers to visualize a home's layout. Learn to composite multiple exposures, control light sources to avoid color contamination, and cleanly mask yourself and your gear out of final images. Also learn to build an effective portfolio on any budget, and develop a strategy to optimize time on-location and make post-production simple.

Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry Mackenzie
  • Master Bedroom Shoot I-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 1

    Transition from the real estate shoot into retouching with photographer, Barry MacKenzie. Learn about his workflow of ingesting, culling, and preparing RAW images within Lightroom for retouching inside of Photoshop. Apply exposure, highlight, contrast adjustments and learn to assess which images ...

  • Master Bedroom Shoot I-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 2

    Begin the composite process for the Master Bedroom shoot. Learn the importance of layer stacks and masking to build a convincing composite image. Asses what makes a great base, reflection control, and top down lighting frames. Just like the production process, learn the value of repeatable workfl...

  • Master Bedroom Shoot II-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 3

    With the first Master Bedroom shot completed, return to Lightroom to cull through the Master Bedroom alternate angle exposures, focusing on finding the best base, reflection control, and top down lighting frames to be composited within Photoshop. Use color, saturation, highlight and gradient tool...

  • Master Bedroom Shoot II-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 4

    Utilize the workflow from the first Master Bedroom angle. Align layers, organize them, utilize masking and the gradient tool to accentuate the best aspects of the base, reflection control, and top down lighting frames. Add the pen tool to your process to create clean masks for basic and more comp...

  • Master Bath-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 5

    Move forward into the Master Bathroom, selecting the best base, reflection control, and top down lighting exposures to create a composite within Photoshop. Leverage some of Lightroom’s features to adjust exposure, contrast, highlights and apply a basic gradient. Observe how to control color conta...

  • Master Bath-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 6

  • Dining Room-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 7

    Kitchens and bathrooms are what typically sell a home but this exquisitely detailed dining room has the right story points that tie together multiple spaces. Cull through the exposures to select the perfect base, reflection control, and top down lighting exposure to create the perfect composite. ...

  • Dining Room-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 8

    With efficient production in the field, watch as photographer and retoucher, Barry MacKenzie uses 2 exposures to build a composite for his own portfolio. Quickly organize layers, mask, brush, blend, and utilize the workflow developed to create stand out imagery. Analyze how the lighting decisions...

  • Living Room-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 9

    Identify anchor points within the living room that will connect it to the adjoining dining room and kitchen. Cull through the exposure to isolate the best base, reflection control, and top down lighting exposure for the perfect living room composite. Use Lightroom’s auto white balance to create a...

  • Living Room-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 10

    Apply every technique presented thus far in the series, to create the Living Room composite. With a wide open floor plan, organize layers in Photoshop, identify anchor points for the audience to orient themselves to the home layout, manage color contamination, control unwanted reflections, utiliz...

  • Kitchen Shoot I-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 11

    Cull through Kitchen Angle 1 to select the best exposures for compositing in Photoshop. Identify some of the problem areas as well as the intentions of the shoot before bringing the layers from Lightroom into Photoshop. Look for the exposures that eliminated unwanted shadows, mimicked natural lig...

  • Kitchen Shoot I-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 12

    Use 2 top down lighting exposures blended with a base exposure to create a clean composite of the Kitchen in angle 1. Add a gradient and remove Barry from the scene with masking. Manage ghosting, control color contamination in a mixed lighting scenario. Since the kitchen is another hero room of a...

  • Kitchen Shoot II-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 13

    Begin working on an alternate angle of the Kitchen. Identify what elements of the frame orient the potential buyer to the layout of the home. Cull through the exposure for this second angle, to select the ideal elements for compositing in Photoshop. Implement your gained experience across previou...

  • Kitchen Shoot II-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 14

    Repeat the workflow for compositing, established across this series. Utilize masking, color control, blending, and gradients to control the lighting balance and dimension of the composition. Learn to dynamically problem solve unwanted distractions within an image. Repair a missing cabinet handle ...

  • Parlor Room-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 15

    Listen as photographer and retoucher, Barry MacKenzie identifies the challenges of the Parlor room on production day. Cull through the exposures examining the anchor points that tie this space to the rest of the home layout. Here more of Barry’s reasoning behind choosing the composition and persp...

  • Parlor Room-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 16

    Apply the retouching workflow for the Parlor. Leverage the strength of each exposure captured in the field. Use gradients, masking, control color, and build dimension into the image. Listen to Barry’s philosophy behind shooting multiple top down exposures, what options those bring, and how do dec...

  • Powder Room-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 17

    Listen as photographer and retoucher, Barry MacKenzie identifies the problem areas of the Powder Room and what steps will need to be taken in Photoshop for the composite. Cull through the exposure to select the best options for layer compositing. Manage color in Lightroom to create solid starting...

  • Powder Room-Photoshop Compositing

    Episode 18

    For compositing layers in the Powder Room, leverage the power of Photoshop’s Pen Tool to create sharp and detailed vector paths for precision masking. Remove distracting production gear from reflections with a combination of the masks and the Clone Stamp tool. Hone the images with controlling col...

  • Exterior-Lightroom RAW Adjustments

    Episode 19

    The exterior is also one of the hero shots of a real estate production. Listen as photographer and retoucher, Barry MacKenzie walks through the exposures in Lightroom, reflecting on his approach to capturing the image. Cull the exposures and select the best, singular option for retouching in Phot...

  • Exterior-Photoshop Retouching

    Episode 20

    With a single exposure selected from Lightroom, move into retouching the main hero image of this series, the Exterior of the home. Focus on correcting the vertical lines of the image with lens correction, paying attention to perspective and the perimeter of the frame to leave room for cropping. U...

  • Closing Thoughts

    Episode 21

    Congratulations on completing this course on Real Estate Photography! Join photographer and retoucher, Barry MacKenzie in reviewing the lessons learned throughout this series. And make sure to join our Facebook Community to share your work, ask questions, and collaborate with other photographers ...