Time-Lapse Photography With Drew Geraci

Time-Lapse Photography With Drew Geraci

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Time-Lapse Photography is a technique used to compile a large collection of still images into individual frames of a video. When sequenced effectively, the video gives the appearance of time passing faster than reality, thus lapsing time. Breathtaking time-lapses are often seen in television and movies, and while they may appear complicated, they’re not impossible to create.

In this tutorial, renowned time-lapse photographer, Drew Geraci, covers everything you need to start creating incredible time-lapses of your own. Travel with Drew to 4 unique locations while he shares his knowledge and expertise to help you become a better time-lapse photographer.

You’ll learn about:
✔️ Essential Gear & Accessories
✔️ Location Scouting for Time-Lapse
✔️ Composition Selection
✔️ Detailed Camera Settings & Functions
✔️ Exporting & Processing Workflow
✔️ Editing & Post-Production
✔️ Building A Business with Time-Lapses

Drew will walk you through step by step how to compose, capture and edit each image to create interesting time-lapses that are beautiful and masterful to watch. Discover comprehensive techniques for an evening time-lapse, rooftop time-lapse, day to night composite, live action composite and motion control composite. When you understand tips like reducing flicker, you'll instantly take your time-lapses from amateur to professional.

Learn how to create visually dynamic time-lapses: compose, capture and edit with Drew Geraci's Time-Lapse Photography.

This 2.5 hour intermediate tutorial uses the software: Lightroom, After Effects, and LRTimelapse.

Time-Lapse Photography With Drew Geraci
  • Location Breakdown

    Episode 1

    Build on all of the previous segments to create your most advanced time-lapse capture yet. Combine your knowledge of a motion control system with live-action and time-lapse photography compositing. With a high level look at Tower Grove Park, learn best practices for camera settings and navigating...

  • After Effects Assembly

    Episode 2

    Use Adobe After Effects to build a composition with the time-lapse photo sequence and live action video captured at Tower Grove Park. Learn how to properly align the layers and best practices for compression to allow for smooth playback and compositing.

  • Keyframing Masks

    Episode 3

    With layers matched, develop your skills in creating and animating masks within Adobe After Effects to create a surreal composite. In this scenario, match the movement of the motion control system with the video movement for a seamless look of accelerated and real time imagery. Utilize an adjustm...