Time-Lapse Photography With Drew Geraci

Time-Lapse Photography With Drew Geraci

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Time-Lapse Photography is a technique used to compile a large collection of still images into individual frames of a video. When sequenced effectively, the video gives the appearance of time passing faster than reality, thus lapsing time. Breathtaking time-lapses are often seen in television and movies, and while they may appear complicated, they’re not impossible to create.

In this tutorial, renowned time-lapse photographer, Drew Geraci, covers everything you need to start creating incredible time-lapses of your own. Travel with Drew to 4 unique locations while he shares his knowledge and expertise to help you become a better time-lapse photographer.

You’ll learn about:
✔️ Essential Gear & Accessories
✔️ Location Scouting for Time-Lapse
✔️ Composition Selection
✔️ Detailed Camera Settings & Functions
✔️ Exporting & Processing Workflow
✔️ Editing & Post-Production
✔️ Building A Business with Time-Lapses

Drew will walk you through step by step how to compose, capture and edit each image to create interesting time-lapses that are beautiful and masterful to watch. Discover comprehensive techniques for an evening time-lapse, rooftop time-lapse, day to night composite, live action composite and motion control composite. When you understand tips like reducing flicker, you'll instantly take your time-lapses from amateur to professional.

Learn how to create visually dynamic time-lapses: compose, capture and edit with Drew Geraci's Time-Lapse Photography.

This 2.5 hour intermediate tutorial uses the software: Lightroom, After Effects, and LRTimelapse.

Time-Lapse Photography With Drew Geraci
  • Location Breakdown

    Episode 1

    For the final location, take a brief look at using a 3 axis move, showcasing the St. Louis Arch. Listen as photographer, Drew Geraci offers some pro tips on how to manually create a day to night transition time-lapse on location.

  • Frame Matching

    Episode 2

    There are always challenges with any set or location. Learn how to correct unwanted distractions within post-production. In this section, focus on balancing drastic shifts in exposure by leveraging the power of LRTimelapse. Continue to build your skillset using keyframes and the power of interpol...

  • Frame Removal & Blending

    Episode 3

    Learn how to remove unwanted artifacts from your time-lapse frames, using the compositing power of Adobe After Effects. Follow photographer, Drew Geraci, as he uses the pen to mask and replace distractions within the frame for a seamless, day to night time-lapse. Learn how to utilize time stretch...