Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0

Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0

7 Seasons

You have been retouching the wrong way this whole time. While this is a bold statement, Earth Oliver backs it up by showing you a revolutionary process to retouch any surface. Earth is a cutting edge retoucher who has spent his career fixing every type of image imaginable. By developing Frequency Separation 2.0, Earth has found an unbreakable method to fix every pixel-based problem while saving time and increasing profitability. This will forever change the way you work.

Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Welcome to Advanced Texture Cleanup with high end retoucher, Earth Oliver. In this training series, the goal will be to remove any and all negative association around Frequency Separation. This is Frequency Separation 2.0. Learn to retouch skin, cloth, hard surface objects - virtually any element...

  • Gaussian Based Separation

    Episode 2

    Follow high end retoucher, Earth Oliver, as he defines and dissects the traditional methods and workflow for Frequency Separation. Understand the pitfalls and image degradation that can occur when using the traditional method and why it is happening. Begin to develop an alternate process for appr...

  • Median Based Separation

    Episode 3

    Leverage the power of Photoshop's Median filter with a combination of smart objects and filters, to eliminate unwanted edge blurring and haloes. Learn to create a toolkit that responds well to Photoshop's tool set. Learn to evaluate a median based workflow, applying the right amount of filtering ...

  • Gaussian vs Median

    Episode 4

    Using a portrait image with skin as the primary target, compare the Gaussian vs. Median based methods of Frequency Separation. Examine gradients across skin, edges, hair fly-aways, and eyelashes. Examine through practical steps the degradation and digital artifacts that result from Gaussian Filte...