Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0

Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0

7 Seasons

You have been retouching the wrong way this whole time. While this is a bold statement, Earth Oliver backs it up by showing you a revolutionary process to retouch any surface. Earth is a cutting edge retoucher who has spent his career fixing every type of image imaginable. By developing Frequency Separation 2.0, Earth has found an unbreakable method to fix every pixel-based problem while saving time and increasing profitability. This will forever change the way you work.

Advanced Texture Cleanup | Retouching With FS 2.0
  • Architectural Retouching: Interior Surface Cleanup

    Episode 1

    For the final example, retouch an architectural interior example, using your skill and experience gained across multiple and diverse example images. Apply the median based, Frequency Separation 2.0 workflow to address complex reflections and a variety of distractions across multiple surfaces with...

  • Architectural Retouching: Advanced Reflection Removal

    Episode 2

    Congratulations! You've completed the course on Advanced Texture Cleanup with high end retoucher, Earth Oliver. In this final section, complete the architectural interior using a median based workflow and use your skills to create a highly polished, stand out image. With examples across skin, fab...